Vitaly Filipchenko

6. Studies show that arts and cultural organizations led by people of color are often underfunded, resulting in limited capacity to provide critical support to young people and communities around NYC. What will you do to provide more leadership around an equitable distribution of resources to ensure their sustainability and growth?

Education is one of my top priorities. Making it accessible and funded equally across all boroughs and neighborhoods. As a father who saw the unfair practice of testing students (my daughter moved here from Russia in 8th grade unprepared to have to test into a “good high school”).  This is such an outdated and ridiculous model. All tax dollars should go to each and every school with equal funds per student. All students should have access to AP and arts classes and these classes should all be funded equitably so parents are not continually doing fundraisers to pay for materials that our tax dollars should be paying for!  I can remember the fundraisers for my daughter’s high school and could not understand this. I pay taxes for this. Why are the school’s not fairly funded? That is  something I plan to solve as Mayor.

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