Thursday, August 27 (4pm – 5pm) –The Joy of Art: Community Art-Making for the Whole Family (Act III)**

During these difficult and uncertain times, art can be a powerful tool for healing and connecting with others. This workshop will focus on creating a community art piece, led by skilled Teaching Artists from DreamYard Project (Movement) and Poster House (Visual Art). The group will connect as a whole at the start of the workshop, then split into breakout rooms to experience their chosen art-making adventure, and finally come back together for community reflection and sharing. Attendees will walk away with collective resources to use in their own practice. Artists of all ages are welcome! 

Duration: 60 minutes

Intended Audience: Family-friendly; for all ages & skill levels


Choose your own adventure from the following for this session:

Presenting OrganizationDreamYard ProjectPoster House
Adventure DisciplineMovement & WellnessVisual Art
Presenter(s)Lisa Green, Teaching Artist &
Department Director of Dance
(bio below)
Gabriella Kula, Museum Educator
(bio below)
Adventure DescriptionThis workshop will focus on mindfulness and restoration. We
will create the space to tune into the body, release stress and
rejuvenate our energy. Through movement and meditation we
tap into a deep connection to self and the ability heal.
♪ If I had a stamp, I'd print it on a poster,
I'd print it on a poster, all over this land! ♪
In this workshop we will listen to tunes of
freedom as we investigate activist symbols
from the past and create our own stampable
symbols for social justice causes that
motivate us today.

Materials NeededCreate a comfortable space for light restorative movement
and stretching. Also feel free to bring any of the following:
scented oil, blankets, strap/belt, pillow, chair, blocks/book,
paper and pencil/pen)
Cardboard, scissors, ruler,
glue stick, stamp pad(s) (or
something to draw with), pencil,
marker, solid colored or white paper



Lisa Green, Teaching Artist | Department Director of Dance & Music at Dreamyard

As a community artist and cultural worker, Lisa Green has over 15 years experience in the public school system and community based programs. She has worked closely with schools and organizations collaborating to integrate arts into curriculum and leads arts engagement events. As a training facilitator, Lisa has conducted several workshops that focus on youth/community development, arts integration, self- care practices and social justice through the arts. She is an accomplished performer and considers herself a healing artist through multiple dance forms. Passionate about wellness, Lisa is also certified in Yoga and Ayurvedic Counselling.


Gabriella Kula, Museum Educator, Poster House

Gabriella Kula is a New York City based freelance museum educator with a B.A. in Art History from The University of Michigan and M.S. in Museum Education from Bank Street College of Education. She has worked in the gallery and curatorial worlds, and currently serves as an educator for school, family, adult and access groups at Poster House, The Jewish Museum, and The Noguchi Museum. Gabriella’s goal is to offer students challenging and fun experiences with observation, interpretation, and art making that deepen imaginations, bridge boundaries, and inspire dreams of new possibilities for the world.

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