Stacey Prussman

5. As students, principals, teachers, and school partners work to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on academic achievement, what role do you see the arts playing? What strategies do you envision for broadening the school-day curriculum so instructional time in the arts is not crowded out of the school day?

I don’t see having an arts period as crowding or interfering with academic achievement. It needs to be part of the curriculum as it is an integral part of academic achievement. Treating the arts like it is an extra “thing” to squeeze in is the exact opposite of how the arts in schools should be perceived. Students need some form of art in their lives. Students listen to music , they dance, they write creatively to relieve stress in their daily lives. Personally I feel treating the arts as an outsider in the public education system needs to end. The arts need to be integral in the curriculum of the NYC public school system.

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