Shaun Donovan

9. With hundreds of schools out of compliance with NYS Education Department instructional requirements, will you publicly call on the NYC DOE to properly enforce and implement city and state arts learning mandates?

I fully support the New York State learning standards in the arts, and will work to continue the progress toward meeting them that was interrupted by the pandemic. Specifically:

  • Every elementary school should provide arts instruction through classroom teachers, school-based arts teachers, and cultural arts organizations working in schools.
  • Elementary schools should integrate arts education into student curricula and school-wide learning goals.
  • In middle schools, my administration will ensure that every student who wants to has the opportunity to learn and master a musical instrument.
  • I will also address the long-standing problems around meeting middle school standards mentioned in this question.
  • I have a plan to expand the existing, high-caliber Career and Technical Education and special arts-focused high schools to provide college and career pathways for the arts and arts-related industries that make New York City the arts capital of the nation.
  • Finally, I will ensure that all New York City public schools provide an opportunity for all high school students to watch a live performance at least once before they graduate, and will work with schools and local organizations to provide such opportunities
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