Shaun Donovan

6. Studies show that arts and cultural organizations led by people of color are often underfunded, resulting in limited capacity to provide critical support to young people and communities around NYC. What will you do to provide more leadership around an equitable distribution of resources to ensure their sustainability and growth?

Since the very launch of my campaign, we have been focused above all else on creating a vision for an equitable, fair, and inclusive New York City, since the future of our city depends not only on our ability to bring back what we had before, but to make something better for everyone. That is why one of the first policies I announced was the naming of our city’s first Chief Equity Officer, responsible for setting and tracking ambitious equity goals, and coordinating across city agencies and departments to ensure we meet them. I’ve launched plans to tackle gaps in opportunity, like my innovative Equity Bonds proposal, and I have released an entire platform focused specifically on Racial Equity.

As with all of my other platforms, we viewed our plans for supporting the Arts & Culture sector through a lens of equity, identifying opportunities within all of our ideas to support artists and communities that have historically received the least investment.

In that spirit, as we develop a system to utilize empty spaces across all five boroughs for Arts & Culture initiatives, we will prioritize providing space to artists and arts organizations that may not have those resources as readability available. As we launch our program to connect every single high school student with at least one paid job, internship, or apprenticeship opportunity in fields including the arts, we will focus on distributing these opportunities in a way that is representative of our student body, and building a more diverse pipeline of arts professionals. We will provide specific supports to arts organizations that qualify as Minority- and Women-owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs) and make it easier for them to access those supports.

These are just a few of the many ways that my Arts & Culture plan aims to create a more diverse and equitable arts sector in our city.

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