Shaun Donovan

5. As students, principals, teachers, and school partners work to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on academic achievement, what role do you see the arts playing? What strategies do you envision for broadening the school-day curriculum so instructional time in the arts is not crowded out of the school day?

As a trained architect, I have a longstanding and deep appreciation of the value of the arts. I know that arts education is critical not just for ensuring all students grow up to be well-rounded members of their communities, but also for providing skills that allow them to be effective problem-solvers, creative thinkers, and more successful professionals. And of course, some of our students will make their careers in the arts as creators, performers or in the host of technical and managerial roles needed by NYC’s huge arts ecosystem.

Critically, in our post-Covid recovery, arts education will play a significant role in helping students reengage with their schools. Thoughtfully integrated arts education will help students process trauma, support differently abled learners, and provide one route to collaborative, project-based learning. The arts will not be optional in my administration.

We will go into further detail on our plans to support arts education in our schools below.

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