Sept. 28 (4:00-6:00pm ET): Teach with GIVE: Growing Inclusivity for Vibrant Engagement in YOUR Classroom

What could the future of arts education look like? More inclusive? More vibrant? We think so! Teach with GIVE: Growing Inclusivity for Vibrant Engagement, a collection of free online resources created by Teaching Artists for Teaching Artists. GIVE shares strategies, tools, printable resources, and more to help meet the needs of all students and create liberated learning environments in Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) Classrooms and other inclusion settings.

In this 2-hour workshop, we’ll hear from leaders in arts education as we celebrate the public launch of GIVE. Then, join some of the Teaching Artists and administrators who developed the GIVE website to collectively imagine a more inclusive, more vibrant future for arts education. We’ll explore what GIVE has to offer— including the Checklist for Planning and Facilitating an Inclusive Lesson. This specific resource opens the door to others on the site, created by and for Teaching Artists on topics like integrating strategies to support students with and without disabilities, creating stigma-free classrooms, partnering with Classroom Professionals, and more.

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