Sept. 23 (5:30-7:00pm ET): Decolonizing Arts Education

Part II: Decolonizing Arts Education

Thursday, September 23, 5:30 – 7:00pm ET

In this workshop, Emi Aguilar will invite participants to engage in reflection, writing, and discussion as we work collaboratively toward decolonizing arts education practice. Emi will scaffold participants learning with a foundation in an Indigenous educator perspective. This workshop will intentionally de-center European and colonial understandings of teaching and learning. Participants will co-create a toolkit to begin their actionable work in decolonizing arts education within K-12 and community-based learning spaces.

This workshop is part of a NYC Roundtable series on Arts Education Toward Decolonization. Participants are encouraged to view the panel recording of Decolonizing the Arts Classroom in advance of this workshop, as well as sign up for the preceding session on Decentering Whiteness in Arts Education facilitated by Alisha Mernick.

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