Scott Stringer

7. What would you do to ensure that every school in the city has the resources to provide every student with a quality education that includes the arts?

Among the best ways to increase diversity and equity in the arts, expand cultural audiences long-term, and fortify our cultural sector is to build talent and instill an appreciation for the arts at a young age. As I stated earlier, as Comptroller I worked with advocates to win $24 million a year in baselined funding to help improve arts education.

As Mayor, I’ll go further — because what we need in City Hall is someone who will prioritize arts and other hand-on education. We need to focus particularly on equity, and ensure that students in low-income elementary and middle schools, as well as those with a high number of limited-English-proficiency students are provided the quality education they are entitled to. To deliver, as Mayor, I’ll ensure there is at least one full-time certified arts teacher in every school by the end of 2022. I will also expand the number of artists residencies and the number of cultural organizations that maintain partnerships with public schools.

I’ll do that by creating a separate budget line for arts in education to ensure schools get the basic staffing, facilities, and equipment they need as well as partnering with New York’s arts and cultural organizations to leverage space and expand enrichment opportunities. I’ll also work with school leaders to ensure this money is dedicated to arts programming.

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