Raymond J. McGuire

13. How will you ensure that arts education leadership and instruction better reflects the population of 1.1 million public school students? What will you do to ensure that arts education reflects the cultures, values, and learning abilities of students engaged in it?

As mayor, I will engage targeted cultural institutions to use their resources and expertise to address social issues with public school students: such as inter-religious dialogue, intercultural dialogue or the historic integration of minorities and immigrants/immigrant experience. We know that the arts can help students develop greater social and cultural understanding and our cultural institutions, especially smaller institutions such as the Lower East Side Tenement Museum, El Museo del Barrio, Jewish Museum, Museum of Chinese in America and many many more are well suited for this sort of cross cultural engagement in public schools.

Additionally, we will ensure that those who are instructing our children in the arts are reflective of what Former Mayor David Dinkins called the “gorgeous mosaic” of our city’s diversity.

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