Raymond J. McGuire

12. How can the city play a more active role in reviving jobs in the creative industry and broadening access to the arts in local communities?

As mayor, I will fund grants for 1000 artists to work in our city. This will ensure that artists can get back to work. Further, as mayor, I will engage targeted cultural institutions to use their resources and expertise to address social issues with public school students: such as, inter-religious dialogue, intercultural dialogue or the historic integration of minorities and immigrants/immigrant experience. This will both support cultural institutions and bring teaching artists, interpreters and curators into schools.

Additionally, my plan calls for better connecting arts businesses to the Department of Small Business Services. We will increase the agency’s focus on supporting small arts and creative businesses that need financial assistance and connecting them with some of the many cultural funding streams that exist in the city. SBS will also help these businesses navigate the City’s small business regulations, especially the unique permitting requirements some arts businesses face. W will also ensure that SBS will prioritize support for culturally inclusive organizations and those located outside of Manhattan, which often lack access to traditional financing and other support structures.

To broaden access to arts in the city’s many communities, I will, as mayor, partner with the city’s 76 Business Improvement Districts, to create Arts Districts. I will work with BID leaders to expand support for arts and arts education, and arts businesses including live music venues, in every neighborhood they serve, and to harness the work of local artists to make communities more vibrant and appealing to visitors. This would include:

  • Creating arts-friendly pedestrian corridors that support cultural storefronts and street performers.
  • Employing local artists in community improvement projects, like those who were tapped to paint murals on benches along Bay Ridge’s 5th Avenue commercial corridor.

The Department of Cultural Affairs will also appoint specific BID liaisons to connect BIDs with local artists.

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