Oct. 12 (4:00-6:00pm ET): Toward Liberated Learning Environments: An Intersectional Approach

Imagining—and building!—an even more inclusive, more vibrant future for arts education asks us to integrate understandings of identity, positionality, and intersectionality in our classrooms. In doing so, can we reshape how we perceive and respond to classroom behavior? How do we build pathways for students with and without disabilities to feel seen and heard as their whole selves? How do we foster meaningful connection and community in our classrooms?

In this workshop, we’ll hear from artists with disabilities about their own educational experiences. Reflecting on these artists’ stories as well as our own, we’ll look at ways to build liberating classroom practices while rethinking and eliminating harmful ones. We’ll also share GIVE resources to support ongoing racial justice efforts in the classroom and beyond, including additions and adaptations made by Teaching Artists in 2020. By exploring resources that address identity and stigma in the classroom, as well as others that share practical tips and tools , we’ll build our capacity to cultivate liberated learning environments.

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