Maya Wiley

1. Tell us about a meaningful experience you and/or a loved one had with the arts (dance, media, music, theater, or visual arts), either in school or in another setting. What did you and/or your loved one gain from this experience?

A conversation I had with my daughter when she was very young, is one of the reasons I am running for mayor. She has always been an artistic child and would like to be an artist full time when she is an adult. In high school, we moved her out of our local public school because of their lack of sufficient arts education programs to one that could properly nurture her passion. One morning she said to me “Mom, I’ve done the math. In order for me to be able to be an artist full time, the most I will be able to afford is $600 per month in rent. Where in New York City can I live for $600 dollars a month?”

Artists are the lifeblood of our city, and are suffering from the affordability crisis plaguing New York City. My daughter should not have to wonder whether or not her city, her home, will have room for her. I am running for mayor so that everyone can live here with dignity. This includes creating spaces and supports for those who fuel our vibrant cultural ecosystem.

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