Maya Wiley

12. How can the city play a more active role in reviving jobs in the creative industry and broadening access to the arts in local communities?

We must revitalize and fund the creation of robust, long-term partnerships between schools and the city’s vast arts and creative resources, including and especially with grassroots, neighborhood organizations rooted in the community. In addition, the centerpiece of New Deal New York, my economic recovery proposal, is a Works Progress Administration-style infrastructure, stimulus and jobs program which will create up to 100,000 new jobs for New Yorkers. 30,000 will be new jobs through projects that will employ artists, construction, technology, and engineer workers, along with approximately 70,000 indirect jobs for childcare workers, librarians, home healthcare workers, and manufacturers.

As part of the plan, $1 billion in new and accelerated spending will go toward designing a recovery for artists and culture workers, to put the City’s artists and performers back to work by providing performance and studio spaces, and through other capital expenditures that support arts and culture in the City.

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