III. Practice Protecting: Introducing Civic Engagement to Children Through Art-Making

Mackie Saylor, School & Community Programs Manager, Children’s Museum of the Arts

In this hands-on workshop, participants will examine the process and outcomes of CMA’s CIVICKIDS, a year-long engagement campaign connecting schools, organizations, and families around the world in civic issues through art. As our 30th anniversary approached in 2018, CMA saw children grappling with big questions that included environmental and social justice topics. We felt a renewed responsibility in our role as artists and educators to find the tools and language needed to address these concerns. In this workshop, participants will explore how CMA’s pedagogy Look, Make, Share functioned as both an art-making process and a tool for inquiry, discussion, and civic action. Participants will learn how CMA programmed projects, connected with national and international partners, and held over 40 CMA CIVICKIDS engagement outposts across the 5 boroughs. Participants will directly apply these techniques by experimenting with CIVICKIDS projects, and they will examine how their own practice as arts leaders can begin meaningful conversations through art-making.

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