How do I add employees to my Roundtable Membership account?

Login to the Roundtable membership portal. Forgot your password? Email for help resetting.

Once logged in you will be directed to the Roundtable Membership homepage. Navigate the dropdown menu on the right side of the page labelled, “What would you like to do?”

Click on the box, and select “My Membership.” Here you can view and update your membership details.

To add a new staff member or teaching artist to your organization scroll down to “Additional Sub-Memberships.” Under this heading you will see “Contacts” and next to it “Add.” Click on “Add.”

Complete the following page with the contact information for the new member. Please be prepared to create an individual username and password for this employee.

Navigate to the bottom of the page, and select “Sub-(Your Membership Level)” Join.

Select “Continue” to complete the process. If you wish to add another employee, please select “Add Another Sub-Member.”

To confirm you have added them, your staff member will receive a confirmation email. After you have clicked on “continue” it will redirect you to the homepage. To confirm that the employee has been successfully added, you may also click on the box to the right side and select “Membership”. Scroll to the bottom and you should see the new “Sub-Member” listed in the chart at the bottom of the page.


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