Dianne Morales

6. Studies show that arts and cultural organizations led by people of color are often underfunded, resulting in limited capacity to provide critical support to young people and communities around NYC. What will you do to provide more leadership around an equitable distribution of resources to ensure their sustainability and growth?

My economic platform focuses on building a solidarity economy, meaning that people and communities are prioritized before developers and large corporations. The arts are an invaluable tool for cultural education and socialization. I believe that grassroots community efforts must be prioritized in our recovery plan. In all communities, but especially in our immigrant communities and communities of color, the arts are a critical part of a neighborhood’s ecosystem.

As Mayor, I would ensure my administration restores and expands funding to arts and cultural institutions, particularly arts groups that primarily serve communities hardest hit by the pandemic. Rather than developing a list of arts groups
in a silo, my administration would actively consult with communities to determine which institutions are most important to them. Further, I would encourage schools to partner with arts groups. Students would not only benefit from more arts instruction, but they could be assigned projects that simultaneously teach them valuable skills and help these institutions solve pressing problems.

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