Dianne Morales

2. What policies or legislation regarding arts education have you supported in the past?

In the past, I have supported and been a part of multiple programs that support arts education. For example, Phipps Neighborhoods, where I was an executive director and CEO from 2010 to 2020, has visual and performing arts as a part of their after school program for kids and teens. This program brings professional artists and instructors in to allow kids and teens to express themselves through art and help them develop real creative art skills.

Another program I’ve been involved in that supports arts education is The Door. I was an executive director at The Door for four years, and their creative arts program has always been central to their mission. They provide new selections of creative arts classes each semester. These classes are offered on different levels to accommodate kids of every skill set, and encourage kids to pursue their artistic projects in and out of the program! We also hosted many open mic/ talent nights that provide kids with the opportunity to show off what they have learned at the program to family and friends. Organizations that I’ve been involved in, and I personally, have done many things to support the arts and creativity in the past, and would continue to do so as Mayor.

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