Dianne Morales

13. How will you ensure that arts education leadership and instruction better reflects the population of 1.1 million public school students? What will you do to ensure that arts education reflects the cultures, values, and learning abilities of students engaged in it?

I am fully committed to creating culturally responsive schools. I intend to appoint a DOE Chancellor who will be a champion for socially transformative holistic public education and my administration will require culturally responsive and anti-racist curriculum and education, including ensuring all educators and DOE employees are trained in inclusive curriculum, pedagogy, assessments and policies. Additionally, I will advocate for the inclusion of year-round cultural enrichment of the struggles, triumphs and movements led by the diverse communities within our city. This would apply to all curriculum and most certainly to our arts education. Further, as I discussed above, I believe we should hire more certified arts teachers. The city should approach these hirings with CR-SP goals in mind; we should prioritize hiring teachers from the city who are prepared to implement a culturally responsive curriculum.

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