Cleopatra Fitzgerald

1. Tell us about a meaningful experience you and/or a loved one had with the arts (dance, media, music, theater, or visual arts), either in school or in another setting. What did you and/or your loved one gain from this experience?

My love for the performing arts came at a very young age. I had many meaningful experiences. Several of my relatives have participated in the arts in general.

At the age of eight I attended a private school and the director was devoted to the arts and there I learned more about poetry, theater and my poem was displayed by the director at the school’s lobby. Before my teens, I attended an association for the arts where I practiced art and at the age of twelve I drew the live female and male naked models whom were posing and some whom I had conversations with. I also took sculpture classes sculpting as reference to the live naked models. I attended a widely known private college where I took violin classes and music theory classes. I was invited to perform at Lincoln Center.

My artwork was exhibited at museum and my poem was featured at the NY ballet school. I attended ballet classes during my teenage years, I value both classical and cultural music.

At college I enrolled and completed many theatre classes, playwriting and took acting and other talented courses the college offered. I have acted in front of large audiences and I have gone to see plays. I once was declared at a competition event as most colorful for the costume I presented in.

I have attended various art museums and read and experienced art, music, dance, theatre. I dressed in cultural clothes from the continents as a form of cultural awareness and non-discrimination and I was identified as coming from numerous -which is true, my ancestors, distant relatives come from all the continents of the world.I have read poems, global literature, philosophy, diverse languages. I listen to cultural music and read international news. The performing arts is the animus of motion, of balance, of joy, of emotions, of everlasting performance in action.

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