Cleopatra Fitzgerald

9. With hundreds of schools out of compliance with NYS Education Department instructional requirements, will you publicly call on the NYC DOE to properly enforce and implement city and state arts learning mandates?

It is stated in the NYCED that all “NYC public schools are to complete the NYSED instructional requirements for the arts” it is found in every schools yearly compliance review. The DOE utilizes the NYSED requirements as “sequential arts education.”

Whenever an economic crisis or global crisis occurs, budget cuts are for the most part directed towards the arts. Yes, I believe it is time for the NYS and NYC DOEs to properly enforce the arts learning mandates. I urge the NYC DOE and NYS BOE for the future of students to arrange an ameliorated plan of compliance. The DOE’s “blueprint for teaching and learning in the arts” manual should be followed in a suitable manner. The school progress reports along with arts education progress reports to be reviewed. In different years the same problems surface in the audit/compliance report.

It is necessary for regulations/penalties awareness, teachers to complete the course syllabi, student records, student fulfillment of course, the “arts standards implementation resources” group the arts into plausible teaching advice for classrooms. The plans are written down and suggestions overflow of what is at issue is: funding and compliance.

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