Cleopatra Fitzgerald

3. Do you believe arts are essential to NYC public school education? Why or why not?

I believe the arts are a form of expression, creativity, and engaging activity -they are essential to education and as a hobby or profession. Art is around us. The art branches consist of the performing arts (music, theatre, dance, drama), visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, film making, architecture, crafts, etc) Literary arts (poetry, journalism, etc) -It has been classified/grouped diversely as “types of art, different forms of art.”

The student will foremost learn through the arts the skills of harmony, imagination, inventiveness, appreciation of aesthetics, the ability to use their reasoning in complex ways, patience, motor skills, serenity, precision, collaboration, perception, and many more.

I believe that art played an important role throughout the time periods. It is visible art as a form of communication and expression (type of journal to record their activities) in the cave paintings (supposedly the first works of art) also known as Rock Art. Then, you can see it in the the history of writing (the pictographs, scripts, calligraphy, alphabet symbols). In the museums is found the evolution of the arts, painting, sculptures, ceramic, artifacts, etc. Public art (usually called outdoor art) are sculptures, art installations, street and graffiti art, murals…are encountered as part of our communities.

It is seen in public spaces, landscape architecture design, art spaces, parks -usually, to calm passersby and to attract tourists.

If there were no art, our five senses would be dull. For (sound) music is found in nature or city life (chirping birds, raindrops, ocean waves, cars honking, sound arts exists by the way), the colors (visual),the taste of food (culinary arts), olfactory art (smell), and even museums are creating 3d versions of paintings for visually impaired people -thus, touch as art or for people: tactile art. Nowadays, robot art (AI) can assist humans with painting art.

Therefore, it is vital that the arts in education be taught to all students, adults, elderly, disabled. Even animals learn the arts performing feats of dancing, musical rhythms, and yes, for real “animal-made art” made by animals. It is quite fascinating the ways in which art/the arts are implemented. Our world is a masterpiece of art as well as outer space with all its colors and splendor. The arts derive from other sectors such as mathematics and how symmetry exists in nature, fractal art patterns in nature, futuristic architecture, 3d art, 3d screensavers, holographic art, planetarium art, and a lot of others.

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