Cleopatra Fitzgerald

2. What policies or legislation regarding arts education have you supported in the past?

I have looked favorably towards policies/legislation that increases students’ participation in the arts. I believe in the “culture policy” whereby the arts are expanded. I agree with the concept of the initiatives suchlike:

“Affordable real estate for artists (AREA), DCLA’s Diversity,Equity and Access, Building Community Capacity (BCC), The Mayor’s Grant for Cultural Impact, New York City’s Percent for Art Law, The 2017 New York State P-12 Learning Standards for the Arts, The NYC DOE Blueprints (helps organize lessons),New York Consolidated Laws,Arts and Cultural Affairs Law-ACA 20.05. Legislative findings & determinations, and statements of purpose,Arts K-12 Learning Standards, The New Arts Learning Standards, and there are countless more but too much to mention and they are organized into:

Standards, laws, acts, and other titles of identification.

Each pertains to the arts or/and culture and how to make it progress.

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