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12. How can the city play a more active role in reviving jobs in the creative industry and broadening access to the arts in local communities?

The U.S Bureau of Economic analysis have stated that the “arts and culture sector contributes billions to the New York’s economy, New York City’s creative sector paid billions in total wages. Tourists internationally have flocked towards these sectors annually. In view of this, the most impacted of the sectors included: The tourism, cultural arts, creative sectors. Additionally, world heritage sites and cultural tourism social distancing made revenue drop but open culture (from Mayor’s street activity permit office) permitted with a permit for “socially distanced performances” (venues, outdoors, open streets, et al).

The way to revive jobs in the creative industry is to provide the entertainment online (webinars, forums,…) and to offer COVID19 relief to the employees in those sectors. Philanthropic individuals, organizations, non-profits, federal, state, local, loans can assist in funding.

Arts nonprofits received $1.8 billion in PPP (Paycheck Protection Loans) but much more was needed. The city can come up with new policies and public-private partnerships uniting performers, artists, community, organizations, associations together for strategies to bring back the arts in a safe manner, bring back tourism by first working on increasing local tourism (domestic) to generate revenue.

Artists relief emergency assistance funds, and creative sector local support funds, unemployment benefits, The gradual opening of business and COVID testing, The help for the unemployed and grants, loans.

The state and city and federal -all working together in the COVID19 attempt as well as foundations, alliance, fellowships, donations online.

Technology can assist with robots, drones, AI as they help tourists and the sectors in the recovery efforts, a sustainable, resilient tourism, the art selling (virtual saleroom), movies paid online, streaming performances, live stream countries, zoos, museums, even mapping COVID street art, live theatre (pop up vaccine sites nearby).

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