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11. How could the city ensure that all of our public school students receive instruction from qualified instructors?

In New York, a teacher must meet the requirements to teach. The teaching certificate are reviewed by New York Department of Education Office of Teaching Initiatives (OTI). “They must complete a bachelor’s degree and teacher preparation program, take tests, apply for the license, maintain/renew upgrade the license. Before applying for teacher license kit they have to undergo a federal/state criminal history check and Identgo.

In the Bureau of Labor is seen the art teachers’ salaries, bonuses, pensions, sick leave, retirement and health benefits package.

Pay depends on their education, qualifications, years on the job, and other factors. Teacher’s assistants should be paid more and gender equal pay.

Lower income neighborhoods should have equal access and the art equipment, supplies but with protective gear, gloves, goggles. Each school should have an annual report on teachers, grading, report grades for school.

Teachers should have: scholarships, residencies, compensations, housing, aid, training, salary adjustments, transfers, pensions, loan forgiveness, etc. The New York City Art Teachers Association keep persons alert about the policies, meetings, exhibitions, activities within the arts educational setting. It is an association that delves into the pressing current issues.

According to COVID19 risks, cases and closures maps and statistics -it might not be reasonable for teachers to teach full time.

Nonetheless, when vaccines are effective and contagion is managed -then, teachers can arrive back to classrooms even with incentives.

Teacher shortages are occurring due to a variety of causes. The federal, state, districts,

local should look into these causes and implement new regulations, policies, laws that would bring more teachers into the system.

Invest in school supplies, educational, learning, teachers resources. Recruiting teachers from a wide field of applicants can bring diversity. Finding teachers at job fairs, past applicants data, demographics, surveys, recent graduates but striving on getting certified.

The diagnostic on why and where they are leaving or staying in.

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