Bill Pepitone

1. Tell us about a meaningful experience you and/or a loved one had with the arts (dance, media, music, theater, or visual arts), either in school or in another setting. What did you and/or your loved one gain from this experience?

My daughter was diagnosed with Autism at twenty two months old. Early on during extensive therapy it became apparent that she had a love for music. She took an immediate interest to the violin, and we enrolled her in lessons at the age of six. She excelled, learning how to read music while practicing several hours a day. She has played in recitals and school concerts which has built her self confidence and self esteem immensely over the years. Now at age 14 she is still playing and improving each and every day. The discipline, continuity and creativity that the music programs brought to her life helped her grow socially. I know the importance of arts and music programs from firsthand experience.

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