Thursday, August 20 (4pm – 5pm) — The Joy of Art: Community Art-Making for the Whole Family (Act II)**

During these difficult and uncertain times, art can be a powerful tool for healing and connecting with others. This workshop will focus on creating a community art piece, led by skilled Teaching Artists from Flushing Town Hall (Visual Art) and New Victory Theater (Theatre). The group will connect as a whole at the start of the workshop, then split into breakout rooms to experience their chosen art-making adventure, and finally come back together for community reflection and sharing. Attendees will walk away with collective resources to use in their own practice. Artists of all ages are welcome! 

Duration: 60 minutes

Intended Audience: Family-friendly; for all ages & skill levels


Choose your own adventure from the following for this session:

Presenting OrganizationFlushing Town HallNew Victory Theater
Adventure DisciplineVisual ArtTheatre
Presenter(s)Karen Oughtred, Teaching Artist &
Spica Wobbe, Teaching Artist
(bios below)
Marisol Rosa-Shapiro, Teaching Artist (bio below)
Adventure DescriptionIn this hands-on workshop through the process of making a pop-up card inspired by stories of home, participants will gain mastery of skills through scaffolding, and explore how to apply this methodology in their own senior programming. During these difficult times of isolation and using limited recycled materials found in the home, families can find comfort and support through shared art marking and story telling. Dip a toe into your unique brand of sublime silliness. In this workshop on clowning, each participant will build a brief clown routine using physicality, breath, eye contact, and everyday household items. Awe, wonder, surprise, and laughter await!

Materials Needed2 different colored papers; 1 piece of white paper;
scissors; glue-stick; pencil; eraser; black sharpie;
ruler; magazines/newspapers.
Room to move; a few potentially funny household items to choose from (they really could be anything!); optional: lipstick to paint on a red nose + makeup remover to take it off at the end of class :o)



Karen Oughtred, Teaching Artist, Flushing Town Hall

Karen Oughtred is an educator and theater artist who develops Drama programs, mask and puppetry workshops for museums, youth, the disabled, and indigenous peoples in the US, Australia and Taiwan. She directs and performs interactive museum theater for seniors. The Memory Project, co-created with Spica Wobbe (2016) delivers workshops in storytelling through visual arts, theater and puppetry to older adults at culturally diverse senior centers. (LMCC SU-CASA (2017), Creative Learning (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020) grants.




Spica Wobbe, Teaching Artist, Flushing Town Hall

Spica Wobbe (Shu-yun Cheng) is a puppetry artist originally from Taiwan. Her work has been seen in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Holland, Germany, Israel, Austria and the U.S. She established Double Image Theater Lab in 2011 to create cross-cultural productions. Spica co-created The Memory Project with Karen Oughtred (2016), storytelling through visual arts, theater and puppetry for culturally diverse senior centers. The project received LMCC SU-CASA, Creative Learning grants in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.






Marisol Rosa-Shapiro, Teaching Artist, New Victory

Marisol Rosa-Shapiro is an actor, director, teaching artist, and creator of original works of theater. She has recently appeared in THE UP CLOSE FESTIVAL at NYC’s New Ohio Theatre, and in Spellbound Theatre’s WINK and THE LAST COIN. Marisol is a teaching artist with The New Victory Theater in NYC, and has served in a similar capacity for many theaters and arts orgs across the country, including Seattle Children’s Theater, Seattle Rep, Tectonic Theater Company, TADA! Youth Theater, Partners for Youth Empowerment and Seeds of Peace. She recently served as Director of Community Engagement for Philadelphia’s Shakespeare in Clark Park and will appear in SCP’s upcoming pageant wagon mobile performances throughout West Philadelphia this August. She hopes to help build justice, playfulness and joy. And she is always learning.

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