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3. Do you believe arts are essential to NYC public school education? Why or why not?

My education policy is here.

  • Arts are essential to education, anywhere, in any setting. Here are some high-level reasons:
    We know that many forms of intelligence exist; arts represent more than one. And we also know that the arts are closely related to other forms of human learning, from math to physics to poetry. Missing art is to miss entire parts of intellectual development.
  • Arts represent human history, which doesn’t remember those who are merely wealthy. It remembers the artifacts left behind, the artists and the great patrons.
  • Arts are essential for stimulating creating, building self-confidence, understanding excellence and perseverance.
  • Students unmotivated by school often find the arts a reason for attending and persevering.
  • The arts will be especially important as students return to school, post-COVID, in which mental health will be a major component in successfully re-integrating into “normal” school.
  • New York City is the creative capital of the nation. An influx of homegrown creative talent will be essential to maintaining that position. And the arts are a huge component of the city’s economy. We can’t afford not to offer a robust arts education.
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