Extended Use Hardship Waiver Program (Sept. 2019)

The NYC Department of Education and the Borough Presidents’ Offices created the Extended Use Hardship Waiver Program in order to provide community organizations with greater access to our school facilities.

The fee waiver program launched in February 2019, and provides communities with more instructional, sporting, and recreational opportunities for students and/or adults. Community organizations that have a hardship paying the extended use permit fees can apply for a fee waiver.

Eligibility Requirements

Organizations must be:

  • Not-for-profit
  • In compliance with Chancellor’s Regulation D-180
  • Able to demonstrate financial hardship
  • In good standing with the DOE (e.g., no outstanding unpaid permits)

Fee Waiver Application Process

To apply for a waiver:

  1. Obtain an extended use permit from the school you are interested in using.
  2. Receive an email notification requesting payment for your approved permit from the New York City Department of Education. Only organizations that receive an email notification from the New York City Department of Education with a link to a pending approval permit can apply for a fee waiver.
  3. Obtain and complete the Extended Use Hardship Waiver Request Form, below.
  4.  After the online waiver application is submitted, you will receive a pop-up message.  Please submit the required documentation to the respective Borough President’s Office for review.

To fill out an Extended Use Hardship Waiver Request Form, click the link below that corresponds to your borough. Once received, the form will be sent to the respective Borough President’s office for review. Each office has their own timeline for reviewing requests:

  • Bronx — reviews requests 30 days before start of the permit activity
  • Brooklyn — reviews requests upon receipt of waiver request
  • Manhattan — reviews requests upon receipt of wavier request
  • Queens — reviews requests 60 days before start of activity
  • Staten Island — reviews requests upon receipt of wavier request

The waiver program begins July 1, 2019 and ends June 30, 2020. It does not apply to paid permits or prior year permits.

The fee waiver request form includes an attestation that the organization guarantees payment of the permit fee in the event the borough president’s office denies or partially funds the fee waiver request. Organizations must demonstrate financial hardship and should provide instructional or sports/recreational opportunities to students and/or adults in the community. Special consideration will be given to organizations that provide activities to students and that are free to the public.

Once submitted, the borough president’s office will:

  • Review the organization’s application to ensure they are able to demonstrate financial hardship and meet the basic requirements (not-for- profit entity, in good standing, and the activity is instructional, sports, or recreational for students and/or adults).
  • Determine whether to deny or fully/partially approve the waiver request at their discretion, with consideration for a variety of activities and the availability of funding.

Questions or concerns about the decision must be directed to the respective borough president’s office. If a decision is not rendered by the respective borough president’s office after 45 days, or at least two weeks prior to the permit activity start date, the fee waiver request will be considered denied by the borough president’s office.

If the fee waiver request is denied or partially waived, the organization is responsible for paying the required permit fees. However, organizations will have the option of canceling their permit before the event takes place.

Permit Application Process and Requirements

An organization should:

  • Contact the school it is interested in using to see if it is available and request a permit application.
  • Complete and sign the permit application form.
  • Be not-for-profit (a copy of the not-for-profit certificate of incorporation, or 501c3 letter should be provided as evidence of this).
    • A religious entity is deemed to be not-for-profit under religious law.  Therefore, a religious entity would only provide its 501c3 letter or not-for-profit certificate of incorporation if it has one.
  • Have a disclaimer on all media advertisement and signage that reads “This activity is not sponsored, or endorsed by the Department of Education and the City of New York.”
  • Have the required levels of insurance as defined in Chancellor’s Regulations D-180 and name the Department of Education and the City of New York as additional insured.
  • Indicate on the permit application form whether there are any fees or donations collected in connection with the permit activity. If fees are being charged or donations collected, organizations must:
    • Complete the beneficiary information on the application and provide the beneficiary letters if fees or donations are collected.
    • Have the permit application reviewed and signed by the school custodian and school principal, if the school is able to accommodate the organization.
    • Provide the projected revenues versus expenditure statement, if charging fees or collecting funds in relation to the activity.
    • Indicate on your letterhead how any net proceeds will be used (keep in mind that any proceeds must be used for a public charitable purpose, and given to a 501c3 organization). Proceeds may not be applied for the benefit of a society, association or organization of a religious sect or denomination, or a fraternal, secret, or exclusive society or organization.

By requesting a permit, an organization agrees to:

  • Adhere to the requirements as set-forth in Chancellor’s Regulations D-180
  • Provide the school with a copy of the applicable insurance, evidence of not-for-profit status, flyers, and website links to support the permit application.
  • Submit the permit application along with supporting documentation in advance of the permit activity start date.
  • Not engage in commercial activities – i.e., charging fees, selling merchandise of any kind.
  • Not list the DOE address, or address of it sites, as their own.
  • Pay all permit fees prior to the first day of the activity.


The DOE may require that a User seeking a permit to conduct an activity or event other than that listed in the VII.A of Chancellor’s Regulations D-180, maintain and pay all premiums on a Commercial General Liability insurance policy with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence.

The DOE has established mandatory insurance requirements for the events and activities listed below. All policies shall list the DOE and the City of New York, including their respective officials and employees, as additional insured with coverage at least as broad as provided by Insurance Services Office (ISO) Form CG 20 26. Prior to and as a condition to any event, the User shall provide certificate(s) of insurance evidencing such insurance to the principal and the respective extended use borough office.

Contact Sports Instruction or Activities

Commercial General Liability insurance policy with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and an excess or umbrella liability policy of not less than $3,000,000 per occurrence. There may be other requirements based on the activity or organization structure.

Boxing, Wrestling and Martial Arts

CBOs and other User organizations wishing to conduct boxing, wrestling, or martial arts programs on school premises.

The sponsoring organization for any boxing, wrestling or martial arts event shall maintain and pay all premiums on a Commercial General Liability insurance policy with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence, and an excess or umbrella liability policy (or policies) with a limit of not less than $5,000,000 per occurrence.

Space Usage and Security Costs

  • Athletic Field: $12 per hour
  • Auditorium: $12 per hour
  • Baths, Showers: $12 per hour
  • Bleachers: $12 per hour
  • Cafeteria: $12 per hour
  • Classrooms, Teacher Rooms: $2 per hour
  • Furniture Movement (1 unit = 1 table/6 chairs): $2 per hour
  • Gyms: $12 per hour
  • Locker Rooms: $12 per hour
  • Security Agent (SSA1–SSA 3): $25.40 to $28.80 per hour
  • Special Rooms (Bathrooms, Administrative Offices, School Library, etc.): $2 per hour
  • Swimming Pools: $40 per hour

If you have questions, please contact ExtendedUseSupport@schools.nyc.gov

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