CreateNYC: 2019 Cultural Action Plan (Aug. 2019)

From CreateNYC: A Cultural Plan for All New Yorkers

Posted on August 13, 2019

Download the Action Plan PDF.

“In July 2017, CreateNYC was released to the public as New York City’s first-ever comprehensive cultural plan. Following months of public engagement that engaged with nearly 200,000 New Yorkers, the plan provided a long term framework for promoting greater equity, access, diversity, and expanding opportunities for all residents to participate in the City’s vibrant cultural life.

In the two years following the plan’s release, the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs and its partners made progress on a wide range of the strategies and recommendations in CreateNYC. In July 2019, the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs released the new CreateNYC Action Plan, along with a redesign of the CreateNYC website. The goal of the Action Plan is to streamline the cultural plan to better communicate both progress to date and strategies going forward. The Action Plan reorganizes CreateNYC’s 90+ recommendations into five broad objectives with 22 supporting strategies, providing a more concise, accessible, and user-friendly format for residents, advocates, and all stakeholders.”

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