August 31, 2021

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Face to Face 2020 – F2F @ 4


Art Making with Studio in a School

Connect with your artistry and add some remote learning activities to your toolkit during this hands-on art-making workshop. Participants will engage in a printmaking/stamping activity as well as a drawing activity that utilizes everyday, found objects. See resources folders for a list of materials. Featuring Langdon Graves (Studio in a School) and Nabila Dadabhoy (Studio in a School).

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MEET UP: Interns and Grad Students – What Happens Now?!

This meet-up is specifically for interns and grad students in the field of arts in education. Join individuals at the first steps of their career and create a peer group who can be a resource and support as you navigate your career path. Featuring Sobha Kavanakudiyil (City College of New York) and Jackie Maris (Roundabout Theatre Company).

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Tips and Tools for Engaging with the Developmental Disability Community

How can we transition to remote programming when so many of the individuals we work with struggle with transition in and of itself? Together, we’ll explore how the strategies and tips used with performers in classrooms, studios, and theatres can be modified and reimagined to provide the support individuals with disabilities need to succeed in this new remote way while still feeling part of an ensemble. Featuring Laura Borgwardt (CO/LAB Theater Group), Michael Pantone (P721K), and Hayley Sherwood (CO/LAB Theater Group).

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Creating Online Content

Discuss best practices around creating online content – what to share, how to share it, and how to get paid. How do we foster inclusivity and collaboration – in the live video environment and with prepared materials? How do we adapt our lessons to a virtual landscape? Let’s figure out how to support each other in the online world! Hear success stories and challenges from experienced content creators, teaching artists and administrators. Featuring Renata Townsend (Teaching Artist & Arts Education Consultant) and Dan Costello (Yo Re Mi).

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MEET-UP: Balancing Work and Family in an Enclosed Space

Designed for arts educators who are also parents (new and seasoned), this group will offer you a place to gather and discuss relevant issues and challenges during the pandemic. Featuring James Miles (Arts Corps), Lauren Jost (Spellbound Theatre), Wéma Ragophala (Brooklyn Arts Council), and Laura Lee Williams (Wingspan).

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Using Video: Best Practices for Online Auditions, Classes & Final Presentations

How do we continue the work online? Panelists discuss how they’ve transitioned their programming online and their plans for end of the year presentations. The session will include a short interactive icebreaker and warm-up activity followed by a Q & A after the panel. Featuring Sindy Castro (People’s Theater Project), Tyrone Santana Copeland (BRIC), Keith Herron (ArtsConnection), and Kari Morris (ArtsConnection).

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MEET-UP: Mid-Career Professionals

This meet-up is for managers or those who have recently transitioned to a leadership position. Whether you are young in your career or a seasoned veteran in the field of arts-in-education, join us to discuss the exciting and challenging ways that increased responsibility and visibility shape your professional goals. Featuring Madeline Calandrillo (New York City Children’s Theater) and Caryn Cooper (ArtsConnection).

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Who’s Got Time for Mindfulness?

Explore multiple approaches to engaging students with mindfulness practices in very simple, quick ways that can be incorporated into a dance class or any classroom setting. Working on the level of the nervous system, these practices support both the student and the educator with emotional regulation, resilience, and increased capacity for compassion. Exercises to help energize, focus, and calm the mind and body will be offered. Come prepared to move. For all body types and abilities. Featuring Ly Bedaña (National Dance Institute), Calia Marshall (National Dance Institute), and Karen More (National Dance Institute).

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Arts & Healing: Trauma-Informed Arts in Education

To kick-off Face to Face 2020, a keynote panel engages in a timely discussion on trauma in the classroom and in communities through the lens of equity, access, and artistic expression. Featuring Takiema Bunche Smith, (Anahsa, LLC), Mazz Swift (Performer/Teaching Artist), Olajide A. Williams, MD (Columbia University), and Moderator Sara Morgulis (New York City Children’s Theater).

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