Featured Organization

Brooklyn Arts Council

Brooklyn’s cultural anchor since 1966, Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC) has been the catalyst helping the arts community grow. We give grants, present arts events, train artists and arts professionals, teach students, incubate new projects and promote artists and cultural groups across the borough.

BAC has offered Arts in Education (AIE) programs for over 25 years. BAC employs approximately 85 teaching artists and nearly 50 performing groups with expertise in a wide range of creative disciplines in the visual, literary, performing, and media arts—from watercolor painting to Afro-Brazilian dance to jazz music to poetry. We place artists in nearly 75 schools, afterschool programs, and senior and community centers annually, bringing hands-on arts workshops, professional arts performances, parent/family engagement programs, and professional development sessions to audiences of all ages around New York City. Our residencies, performances, and workshops increase arts exposure, improve attitudes toward arts engagement and participation, help expand verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and provide opportunities to strengthen critical thinking and problem solving skills.

BAC customizes AIE programs to meet the individual needs of each site. Senior programming is developed using Creativity Matters: The Arts and Aging Toolkit. All youth programs are designed to assist students in meeting the benchmarks and principles of the New York City Department of Education’s Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts while adhering to the guidelines of the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts. Many programs integrate non-arts academic subjects and align with the National Common Core Standards.

Our Arts in Education programs help us accomplish our organizational mission by creating employment for Brooklyn-based artists, while at the same time ensuring that NYC residents of all ages benefit from participating in the arts. Our teaching artists are all professional artists in addition to their teaching experience. We support their professional lives in and out of the classroom through professional development, networking opportunities, and promotion of their events.

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Lincoln Center Education

Celebrating its 40th year, Lincoln Center Education (LCE) is a global leader in arts education and advocacy and the education cornerstone of Lincoln Center, the world’s largest performing arts complex. LCE is committed to enriching the lives of students, educators, and lifelong learners by providing opportunities for engagement with the highest-quality arts on the stage, in the classroom, via digital platforms, and within the community. Founded in 1975 as the Lincoln Center Institute for Arts in Education, LCE has four decades of unparalleled school and community partnerships, professional development workshops, consulting services, and its very own repertory.

LCE’s approach centers on its Learning Framework, a teaching model that uses the study of works of art to foster critical thinking skills that can be applied in all school subjects and in the modern workplace. In “LCE: An Introduction,” a short video primer on LCE’s practice and mission, Russell Granet, Executive Vice President of LCE, Community Engagement, and International, explains over the visual backdrop of our teaching artists at work in different classrooms: “We believe the arts are a change agent for public education… our goal is to give kids the skills to think like an artist.”

Annual Learning Labs for artists and educators are among the most sought-after platforms for teaching in the 21st century, using a combination of hands-on workshops, interactive discussions, and attendance at artistic performances. The Labs regularly draw participants from the far corners of the globe.

LCE has reached more than 20 million students, teachers, school administrators, parents, community members, teaching artists, pre-service teachers, university professors, and artists in New York City, across the nation and around the world. Its impact on the community has earned it a proclamation from the New York City Council.


Turtle Bay Music School

Turtle Bay Music School is a 91-year-old community music school in east midtown Manhattan. Our five areas of interdependent programming serve more than 5,000 New Yorkers every year. TBMS provides individual and group music lessons in over twenty instruments and voice to more than 600 students and families every year at our school building on 52nd Street.

TBMS brings comprehensive, year-long music education programs to over 2,500 students and their families through our partnerships with 10 NYC public schools that would otherwise have limited or no music programs. Students and families who seek further music study are encouraged to apply for the Saturday Music Project, which provides them with 4 years of tuition-free music, and ongoing alumni scholarships.

TBMS’s creative aging programs bring music workshops and residencies to 500 seniors at five NYC senior centers. These programs give seniors the opportunity to express themselves creatively, to learn new skills and exercise old ones, and to form new social bonds.

TBMS also offers more than 50 free concerts and lectures to our community each year. Our Artist Series features performances by our faculty artists, and our Cross-Legged Concert Series presents full-staged performances of family-friendly operas and musicals. In addition to these series, our students and faculty perform in local public spaces, bringing the joy of music out into our community.