October 19, 2021

Field Trip Guidance + No Field Trip Days 2021-2022

Reading Time:   2 mins

Earlier this month, the following guidance was shared from the NYC Department of Education with school principals via InfoHub regarding field trips.

“Schools may plan to take local fieldtrips to settings where students would not be likely to come into contact with people outside of the school’s student and staff population. Schools should follow the rules and procedures outlined in Chancellor’s Regulation A-670(Open external link) in conjunction with the guidance below.

Permitted trips include walks around the neighborhood, visits to local parks, and visits to local cultural institutions under the condition that students and staff remain in stable groups and every effort is made to keep students from interacting with the general public at trip sites.

For trips requiring transportation, schools are discouraged from using public transportation as physical distancing requirement may be difficult to maintain. Schools may use charter coach buses for travel as yellow busing for school fieldtrips is not currently available. 

At this time, out-of-town school trips and overnight trips (local/domestic/international) are not permitted. Future trip guidance is subject to COVID-19 positivity rates, variants, and continued CDC guidelines.”

We will continue to follow up for additional clarification and share information as it becomes available. For information on “No Field Trip Days 2021-2022” please visit Office of Pupil Transportation website.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Kimberly Olsen at kolsen@nycaieroundtable.org with any questions.