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Teaching Artist (Visual and Media) – Part Time


About BRIC: 

BRIC is a leading arts and media institution anchored in Downtown Brooklyn whose work spans contemporary visual and performing arts, media, and civic action. For over forty years, BRIC has shaped Brooklyn’s cultural and media landscape by presenting and incubating artists, creators, students, and media makers. As a creative catalyst for their community. BRIC ignites learning in people of all ages and centralizes diverse voices that take risks and drive culture forward. BRIC is building Brooklyn’s creative future.

BRIC currently works in 40 schools serving over 4000 students per year. Through school-based residencies, internship programs, public family programs, and professional development opportunities, we aim to help young people develop their authentic creative voices. By mastering art- and media-making tools and techniques, young people can express their unique perspectives, cultures, and experiences.

About the Teaching Artist Role: 

BRIC seeks Teaching Artists to provide instruction in visual arts and/or media to students PreK-12 in our partner schools and program sites throughout Brooklyn.  Residency programs take place during the school day and during after school hours, and are aligned to BRIC’s program goals, school/partner goals, and established learning standards. Teaching Artists are experienced educators with an active personal creative practice.

Teaching sessions typically occur Mon-Fri, and programs generally last from 10 to 34 weeks.  Each residency is unique and thoughtfully planned by the BRIC Education team, partner schools/organizations and Teaching Artists.  The school year culminates with our annual Student Exhibition at BRIC House gallery, which publicly showcases student work from our programs.

BRIC Teaching Artists develop original curricula using BRIC’s guiding principles, and aligning with school goals and student needs.  Our programs involve analysis and discussion of example contemporary artworks, development of specific skills with materials and equipment, and students learning art/media vocabulary.  Young people also develop an awareness of possibilities in creative careers.

For school day residencies, BRIC Teaching Artists collaborate with classroom teachers, typically to integrate arts/media into core academic content.  For after school residencies, Teaching Artists are typically alone with students, although some programs involve a collaborating BRIC co-Teaching Artist.


  •       Printmaking
  •       Painting & Drawing
  •       Murals
  •       Sculpture
  •       Mosaic
  •       Textile/ Fiber Arts
  •       Mixed Media


  •       Video Production (narrative, documentary, PSA, etc.)
  •       Animation (Stop Motion & Digital)
  •       Digital Photography
  •       Podcasting

What You’ll Do in the Role:

Teaching Artists will be responsible for the following in addition to any other project as assigned by their managers, the Contemporary Art Education and Youth Media Education Managers:

  • Thoughtfully planning and implementing structured, engaging art/media projects that address school and BRIC goals and are also suited to students’ developmental needs
  • Effective, student-centered classroom management practices; ability to foster a safe, productive, and supportive community in the classroom
  • Participation in BRIC trainings and professional development sessions (paid)
  • Maintaining proactive and ongoing communication with residency partners and BRIC team
  • Submitting materials and equipment requests; coordinating transportation of materials and equipment to program sites
  • Completing and submitting timesheets, program evaluation materials, and curriculum documents thoroughly and in a timely manner
  • Preparing student work for annual BRIC student exhibition, ensuring that completed projects are polished and demonstrate student learning/ skill development
  • Coordination of culminating events at schools and program sites to celebrate and present student work

You’ll Bring these Skills and Strengths to the Role:

  • Mission & Values Alignment: A passion for BRIC’s support of the arts in Brooklyn and a deep commitment to building community, igniting learning and making change through the arts and creativity.
  • Commitment to Equity & Inclusion: Brings experience operationalizing equity within the Education function.
  • BA/BFA or MA/MFA preferred; or significant teaching experience
  • Prior teaching experience in public school and/or community settings, experience in NYC sites preferred, experience with teaching virtually is a plus
  • Demonstrated curriculum development experience, ability to structure and implement engaging, relevant projects, familiarity with NYC Blueprint for Learning & Teaching in the Arts
  •  Strong administrative and communication skills, able to adhere to administrative procedures and deadlines
  • Body of creative work demonstrating active creative practice
  •  Commitment to supporting authentic youth voice and creative expression
  • Knowledge of art and/or film/media history, as well as contemporary art, film/media, culture, and practices
  • Willingness and ability to travel to program sites throughout Brooklyn for in-person teaching on site at partner schools and program sites


  •  Proficiency in a range of art materials and techniques;
  • Ability to guide students to produce finished work for exhibition; gallery exhibition and installation experience a plus


  • Proficiency in media production process (pre-production, production, and postproduction)
  • Strong technical and problem solving skills (comfortable working with current media-making technology and software applications)
  • Ability to guide students to produce finished work for exhibition

Other Things to Know:

  • Status and location: Teaching Artists work on a part-time basis and receive offers for specific programs/ events.  School-based residency programs occur both during the school-day and after-school hours. We are not able to guarantee opportunities in specific neighborhoods or on specific days/times. Teaching Artists are paid hourly for instructional time, planning/post-production time, and for participation in BRIC training.
  • Mission & Values: BRIC is committed to building Brooklyn’s creative future. We advance opportunities for visual artists, performers, and media makers. We present bold work that reflects diverse audiences and speaks to the world. We ignite learning in people of all ages. We unite Brooklyn through art and creativity to build community and make change.

BRIC is an Equal Opportunity. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, age, religion, creed, disability, military and veteran status, genetic information or any other factor which cannot be used as a basis for an employment decision.

TO APPLY: Apply via the website linked above.

Date posted:

July 1

Expire date

July 30

Contact email:
NYC AiE Roundtable