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Executive Director
GlassRoots, Inc.


Leadership Opportunity and Position Specification

GlassRoots empowers young people from all backgrounds to harness the power of the glass arts to build the skills and confidence they need to succeed. We also help curious adults stretch  themselves and explore their creativity.  

GlassRoots is committed to using glass-arts to create a just community, one that values every  individual’s contribution, and that represents the cultural and economic vitality inherent in a city  as vibrant as Newark. It is a major contributor to the arts throughout New Jersey.  

GlassRoots provides students and others from Newark and throughout New Jersey with a safe,  meaningful and transformative glass-art experience. Rooted in the STEAM disciplines,  GlassRoots offers students challenging hands-on experience in Science, Technology,  Engineering, Arts and Math. Our classes build the patience, discipline and resilience required to  safely work with 2200°F fire and molten glass. GlassRoots projects also develop the highly  valued 21st-century skills required to thrive in schools and workplaces—collaboration,  communication, teamwork and creative problem-solving, while building the business skills  essential for those seeking financial security as young entrepreneurs. 

GlassRoots‘ talented team of teaching artists, business professionals and external partners are  passionate about helping students and adults build brighter futures, strengthen the Newark  economy and contribute to a thriving arts community. 


GlassRoots is a 20-year-old Newark, New Jersey based 501[c][3]. Operating on an annual  budget of approximately $1 million, the organization enjoys a perfect score of 100 on Charity  Navigator’s Encompass Rating System for strong financial health and accountability. We have  consistently enjoyed GuideStar, Inc.’s Gold Seal of Approval. 15% of our funding comes from  government grants; 24% from special events and private donors who share GlassRoots’  commitment to the arts and the youth of Newark; and 47% from corporate and foundation  grants. GlassRoots adds another 14% to its revenue streams from commissions, sales, program  and facility fees. 72% of every dollar donated goes directly to programs that help the youth and  young adults of Newark and surrounding communities develop the skills and confidence  required for economic vitality. During the coronavirus pandemic our donors have increased  their support and we qualified for a federal Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loan (to be  forgiven in FY21). As a result, we completed the fiscal year able to meet all of our obligations,  keeping virtual programs running and keeping staff employed. 

GlassRoots has a staff of twelve professionals. Its Board of Trustees consists of thirteen  members who sit on seven committees from which they actively support the work of  GlassRoots.


The new Executive Director has the opportunity to help the Board of Trustees (or the “Board”) set GlassRoots’ strategic goals and priorities for the next several years. For this critical role, the  Board seeks a dynamic, experienced leader with a growth mentality and a clear track record of  generating diverse, widespread community and financial support for ambitious, innovative arts  education and programming. They will take on the challenges inherent in this opportunity while  relocating GlassRoots’ artist, administrative staff, students and patrons to an expanded state-of the-art facility in the heart of Newark. 

GlassRoots’ effort to implement its Strategic Plan for FY 20-21, including a move to a new  location, has been slowed by the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The next Executive  Director has the opportunity to complete its implementation, including our move into the new  facility and preparing us to expand our staffing and services for greater impact on the youth and  young adults of Newark. 

Under the leadership of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Director of nearly eight years,  the organization has served over 15,000 students with an additional 20,000 participating in  virtual programming begun during this pandemic. GlassRoots developed a world-class scientific  glass program where students learned how to make and repair glass instruments for New  Jersey pharmaceutical companies; developed a new program with University Hospital, using  glass art to help heal trauma patients; and, built a successful commissioned glass business that  creates glass awards for corporations and non-profits. 

Reporting Relationships: 

The Executive Director reports to the GlassRoots Board of Trustees and manages the staff of  twelve full- and part-time employees. The Executive Director also oversees the work of  independent contractors and dedicated volunteers. 

Salary Range

$85,000 to $105,000, dependent upon experience. 

Primary Responsibilities: 

The primary duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director fall into the following  categories: 


  • Works closely with the GlassRoots Board of Trustees to develop and implement annual  action plans to carry out the goals and objectives outlined in the GlassRoots Strategic  Plan, Mission and Vision. The Executive Director will collaborate with the Board to  ensure the Strategic Plan evolves to leverage the opportunities offered by the new  expanded facilities.
  • Develops and directs the implementation of GlassRoots programs, marketing,  communications, and fundraising strategies in consultation with the relevant staff and  members of the Board of Trustees.
  • Manages, motivates and develops the GlassRoots team and hires key employees. The  Executive Director Is responsible for developing and updating GlassRoots employment  and human resources policies, procedures and handbook(s) in consultation with  Trustees.  
  • Fosters and expands effective, collaborative relationships among Trustees, staff, donors,  sponsors and the community partners. 
  • Oversees staff support of Board committees. 

Community Relationships 

  • Collaborates with the Newark community to develop and implement GlassRoots  programs and events. 
  • Identifies, cultivates and builds strong partnerships with external organizations in Newark  and throughout New Jersey. 
    • This includes education, youth and community organizations, corporations and  health care institutions (building on the new trauma program with University  Hospital).
  • Serve as a liaison and catalyst to connect and collaborate with glass organizations  nationwide.


Serve as GlassRoots’ chief advocate and encourage the Board to advocate on behalf of  GlassRoots. Advocacy efforts must position GlassRoots as:  

  • Best-in-class arts, education and culture organization serving Newark and New Jersey. 
  • Evidence-based youth organization helping students learn valuable STEAM (science,  technology, engineering, arts and math) and life skills.  
  • A responsible nonprofit that funders and donors have supported for more than 20 years. 
  • A highly respected arts studio that promotes the glass arts. 

Fundraising, Financial Planning & Risk Management 

  • Lead GlassRoots fundraising efforts to secure funding for the operation of the Organization.
    • This includes supervising development staff and consultants, meeting with  donors, researching new funding sources and developing fundraising capacity of  trustees.
  • Oversee the management of the financial planning and forecasting, budgeting, and resource allocation; develop an annual budget and ensure that appropriate internal controls are in place and operating as intended.

Program & Facilities Management 

  • Supervise Program Director and oversee the planning, implementation and evaluation of  the GlassRoots programs and services. 
  • Launch and oversee the management of a full range of services in the new facility as  outlined in the Strategic Plan.
    • This includes studios, classrooms, a gallery, gift shop and coffee shop.
  • Maintains a viable, safe, clean facility.


The Executive Director must be a proven leader and visionary with the competencies required  to help the Board set Glass Roots’ strategic direction for the next several years. As the  organization’s chief mobilizer, fundraiser and spokesperson, the ideal candidate will be  passionate about the organization’s mission and a strong relationship builder who leverages the  power of networks across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. A strong track record as a  successful fundraiser is essential. 

The primary keeper of the brand, the Executive Director will understand the need for vigilance in  protecting the organization’s reputation while building upon the positive image, trust, and  relevance Glass Roots enjoys today in the Newark community and the State of New Jersey.  

Minimum requirements also include the following: 

  • Strong leadership skills, including organizational and analytical skills; team leadership  and coaching skills; and, both short and long-term strategic planning.  
  • The proven ability to generate and manage financial, human, and other resources.
  • A commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. 
  • Outstanding written, oral and interpersonal communication skills. 
  • Ability to work collaboratively with all sectors of the community, the Board of Trustees  and staff. 
  • A demonstration of the highest standard of integrity ensuring that all activities are legal  and ethical. 
  • A Bachelor’s Degree.  

Applicants with the following qualities and skills are desired:  

  • A clear passion for the Arts and an understanding of their role in enriching community  life. 
  • An understanding of and appreciation for the business of art. 
  • A track record of unleashing creativity by bringing fun and enjoyment to the workplace.

Starting Date: Immediate 

Procedure for Applying: This position is open until filled. Qualified candidates should email a  current resume, together with a cover letter indicating interest in the position and salary  requirements to Charlene Moore Hayes, To ensure full  consideration, resumes and letters of interest must be submitted by January 22, 2020.  

For more information about GlassRoots go to GlassRoots is an Equal  Opportunity Employer. Black/Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) are encouraged to apply.

Date posted:

January 11

Expire date

January 22

Contact email:
NYC AiE Roundtable