Theater Teaching Artist, Student Voice and Engagement Program

Type of Position:   Part-time

Salary:   $60 per hour

Job Type:    In-person

Application Post Date:   December 20, 2021

Application Deadline:   January 31, 2022

About Our Organization

Partnership with Children (PWC) is a nonprofit organization committed to empowering students to reach their full potential and succeed in school, society, and life. We work to provide school-wide critical counseling services, as well as family and community outreach in New York City public schools most impacted by the effects of poverty and trauma. We are one of the city’s largest providers of community school programs and school-based mental health services.

PWC recently merged with the Center for Arts Education (CAE), an organization that has delivered high-quality arts education programs that nurtures the development of social and emotional learning in NYC public school students as a core part of their pre-K to 12th grade education. PWC and CAE’s programs and approach are rooted in an understanding of the impact of poverty and trauma on children, a steadfast commitment to antiracism, and expertise in children’s social-emotional wellbeing.

Together, PWC and CAE have created high-quality arts and social-emotional learning programs that expand services for all school partners and ensure that creative expression is a tool available to all students. To further this work, we have received the Arts in Education Grant from the US Department of Education (USED) and are hiring our team of Student Voice and Engagement (SVE) Teaching Artists.

Job Position Summary

Start Date: January, 2022

Location: In-person in Community School District 23 (Brownsville, Brooklyn)

Program & Job Description:

Student Voice and Engagement (SVE) is an integrated and collaborative theater and social-emotional learning (SEL) program that aims to sustain student engagement – as it supports English Language Arts (ELA) – and foster student learning. This program will be implemented in a network of four Title 1 PWC elementary Community Schools located in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

Students will benefit from the implementation of a comprehensive formula of SEL competencies guided by healing arts learning, culturally responsive teaching, professional development, and creation of materials to ensure that students can use theater to tell their own stories. The program will help students meet the theater benchmarks set out in the New York City Blueprint for the Arts, improve their SEL competencies and, secondarily, help them make progress towards achieving the Priority Learning Standards for English Language Arts (ELA).

Roles & Responsibilities


CAE/PWC is seeking motivated, flexible and positive Teaching Artists to join us in facilitating the SVE program. The right candidate will:

  • Have at least 3 years’ experience as a Teaching Artist in the Theater/Dramatic Arts genre, ideally in NYC public elementary schools.
  • Hold a strong understanding of arts integration best practices and strategies.
  • Focus on the intersection of Theater Arts, Social Emotional Learning/Competencies, and English Language Arts.
  • Be open to a longer-term commitment; SVE is a 4-year grant. The ideal candidate for this position is interested in building and growing with the involved schools as the program evolves.
  • Possess strong collaboration skills with classroom teachers, other teaching artists, social workers, administrators, etc.
  • Have experience creating curriculum for elementary-aged students.
  • Be confident in facilitation skills in order to provide Professional Learning to school staff and present curriculum and materials to a broader community audience.


  • TA must be vaccinated and can provide proof upon request.
  • TA must be fingerprinted by the NYC Department of Education (PETS Certified) and currently eligible for work in NYC public schools.
  • TA must be willing and available to plan with partner teachers, partner social workers, and/or school staff members, as necessary.
  • TA must submit all paperwork, such as lesson plans, in accordance with program guidelines.
  • TA must attend and actively participate in all required orientations and Professional Learning workshops, and meetings.
  • TA must be respectful of teachers’ and school administrators’ time limitations.
  • TA must maintain open communication with CAE’s Teaching and Learning Department staff.
  • TA must clarify classroom management strategies with school partners and rely on teachers, social workers, and school personnel for disciplinary actions.
  • TA must utilize their artistry and pedagogical knowledge to implement an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning that encourages students to engage, create and reflect

How to Apply

Please apply on the website below:

Partnership with Children welcomes diversity in all its forms and believes that its mission can only be achieved when diversity is leveraged across all areas, including race, gender, gender expression, age, nationality and life experience. PWC acknowledges the permanency of racism within organizations, industries, and communities. As an anti-racist organization PWC is committed to effectively working against systems that perpetuate racism and disproportionate opportunities for people based on skin color. PWC recognizes diversity as a strength and believes that one’s lived experiences add to the value of the organization. Therefore we strongly encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply.