Part-Time Elementary TA and Lead Educator (New York Area)

Anthropology Arts and Splat! Lab

Type of Position:   Part-Time

Salary:   $25 - $35 per hour

Job Type:    In-person

Application Post Date:   September 14, 2021

Application Deadline:   October 14, 2021

About Our Organization

Splat Lab and Anthro Arts grew out of the world of after school, where we partner with over 30 schools to provide high quality and unique enrichment classes for youth. We have two signature classes: Anthropology Arts and Splat Lab. Our recent growth has taken us to lead school day residencies, virtual classes, in 2020, we launched the first year of Splat Camp! This year we are partnering with multiple schools and provide 8-10 week after school programs as well as popup workshops.

Anthropology Arts: Our goal is to expose young people to the cultural traditions, voices and histories of people that are often left out of traditional classroom settings and social studies curriculum. Each class is formatted to feature a community circle, project time with open ended materials, collaborative clean-up, and a closing community circle. Fall 2021 we will be running Mummy Madness and Awesome Aztecs.

Splat Lab: Splat Lab exists for the sole purpose of having fun! Each class is formatted to have a Main Splat activity, such as making slime, marshmallow towers or ooze, and Open Splat where students can choose from a few activities such as butcher paper drawing, clay station or tinker time, followed by clean-up.

Job Position Summary

Schedule: We have positions available for after school program locations as well as school day residencies and pop ups.

Lead Educators facilitate our curriculum and modify projects and group management based on the individual needs of each site. Leads must have strong group management and facilitation skills, especially since each assignment will be made up of new students who you are meeting for the first time. We will provide all the materials, and logistical support. Leads ensure the workshops are magical, highly professional, and engaging for all students..

We will provide virtual training and shadowing opportunities for educators to learn the teaching method and curriculum. Lead Educators will mentor TAs and give clear directions for their role in each session. Pairs will debrief and communicate frequently about how to make sure workshops are continually high quality, fun and smooth.

TAs responsibilities encompass: actively creating a fun environment, building relationships with youth to make them feel welcome,  facilitating transitions and activities, assisting the Lead Educator with any behavior issues, leading parts of sessions, and organizing materials. TAs actively participate in making the sessions magical, not just passively assisting.

Roles & Responsibilities

Position Qualifications:

We are looking for Lead Educators that can learn any kind of curriculum and make it fun and intellectually satisfying. We need the type of person who kids can’t wait to see, with group management skills to ensure a smooth, fun and exciting class.

  • For this position, the applicant must be strong at keeping up with emails, curriculum folders, schedules, and communication with your manager that is virtual.

  • 1-3 years of working with youth in a leadership role: leading groups in after school, summer camps, museums, or early childhood settings. Babysitting and 1×1 tutoring experience is not applicable for this role.

  • A dynamic, cool, magnetic personality that will engage all students.

  • Strong group management skills with the ability to confidently organize and lead transitions, set up structured projects, and create clear rituals and routines.

  • The ability to direct and collaborate with TAs to keep all students excited and on task.

  • Experience with strength-based, restorative, positive discipline practices.

  • A progressive teaching style

Lead Educator Background and Training

  • Anthro: Content knowledge or interest in social studies, history, anthropology or art, and the ability to learn curriculum/content that may be new.
  • Splat Lab: Strong facilitation and classroom management skills, STEM knowledge a plus
  • Museum educators, teaching artists or educators with a background  in Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia etc. are highly encouraged to apply.
  • Experience with under-resourced schools and special needs populations will be an advantage for some placements.


NYC Lead Educators are paid $35 per hour for teaching. Other locations are $30 per hour for teaching and $20 per hour for monthly planning, meetings, PD. We provide planning/study time as well as paid set up and clean up time and training.

TAs are paid $25 per hour teaching and $18 per hour for meetings, trainings, and PD.

Each teaching session includes paid set up and clean up time at the lesson rate.

How to Apply

To be considered for the position, please send a resume to Taylor and answer the following questions in the body of an email:

Which class are you most interested in: Splat Lab, Anthropology Arts, or both? It’s okay if you are only interested in one!

Why are you interested in this position?

What does a successful enrichment class look like to you?

We need someone who is strong at managing their own schedule and thorough at reading emails and directions. Is this you? Why?

What do kids say about you?

How many days per week do you want to work? Which days are best for you?