Live Teaching Artist Podcast Party and Dine Around

September 7, 2018

6:30 pm - 12:00 am 


Mark Morris Dance Group 3 Lafayette Avenue Brooklyn

Live Teaching Artist Podcast Party and Dine Around following the International Teaching Artist Conference (ITAC) on Friday, September 14th, starting at 6:30pm. Teaching Artistry with Courtney J. Boddie will hold a special live-recorded podcast to celebrate the first year of the show. Panelists will include guests from the first season, who are a mix of Teaching Artists and arts practitioners. This is an exciting opportunity for attendees from ITAC to meet more of the NYC arts education community.

Following the event, ITAC attendees will have the opportunity to join break out groups for dinner, drinks, and conversation. Don’t miss this opportunity to network and reflect on your work with teaching artists from around the world!

Please note that the cost of meals/drinks at the Dine Arounds will be the responsibility of the participants.

CLICK HERE to register for the September 14th Event

Please note that the ITAC Conference itself is at capacity. The ITAC4 Digital Conference will be active online if you would like to continue to engage with the international teaching artist community post-TASK Party. Online participation is available via live stream and includes plenary sessions, curated interviews and conversations, along with access to special web-only content. All of these online sessions will be archived on the ITAC website after the conference, so you can relive the excitement of this vibrant community long after the conference ends. For a detailed streaming schedule and links to join the Digital Conference, visit :