The Teaching Artist Community @ Teachers College Certificate Program: Cultivating a Responsive Pedagogy of Artistry

The Teaching Artists Certificate Program is a year-long professional development course comprising an interdisciplinary professional learning community and a stimulating space where teaching artists can share, analyze and discuss their teaching experiences and challenges. Together, we consider the possibilities afforded by artistic knowing and examine presentation and sequencing in response to the students with whom we engage. Acknowledging and embracing the artistry and content expertise of participants, the program generates inquiry-based reflection on immediate and past teaching practices.

The Spring Cohort begins with an extended weekend in New York City (March 1-3), where face-to-face interactions provide opportunities for exploring our artistry and its relatedness to what and how we teach. Following this, we move to an online format, where instruction will involve both synchronous meetings in dialogue with peers and guest speakers, and asynchronous activity involving related projects. Doing this work over the period of an academic year gives participants the necessary time to reflect and purposefully integrate the resulting changes into their pedagogical encounters.


Guest Speakers & Topics Include:

Dr. Lori Custodero, Associate Professor of Music Education,

Flow Experience / Developmental Responsiveness

Dr. Olga Hubard, Associate Professor of Art Education,

Artistic Engagement

Dr. Sarah Perry, Adjunct Asst. Professor of Music Education,

Responding to Individual Differences

Dr. Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, Associate Professor of English Education,

The Art of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Dr. Lalitha Vasudevan, Professor of Technology & Education,

Imagining Learning Environments

Who Should Attend?

The program is designed specifically for experienced artist educators—professional dancers, actors, musicians, visual and media artists – providing pedagogical tools and strategies for collaboration in schools and community settings.

  • The experience at Teachers College is immensely rewarding, informative and fun. It gives me so many ideas on how to advance my practice in a digital age. (Marck “Flaco” Best)
  • The after-session assignments have exposed me to a lot of different perspectives on approaching problems that can arise in class. I have been very inspired as a person, an artist and a teaching artist (Robin McBride Scott)
  • … the class has given me more angles from which to observe the children’s reactions, and to perceive how artistic material may strike different kids differently, based on their own experiences, and backgrounds. (Pat Flynn)Learn more and apply:

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