Task Force on Equity and Inclusion

The Taskforce on Equity and Inclusion defines and advances the practice(s) of equity and inclusion including but not limited to race, gender, class, ability, and geography within the Roundtable and the arts education field through programs, training, and dialogue.


Co-Chairs: Piper Anderson, Gary Padmore and Chesray Dolpha

Provide leadership and advocacy on issues of equity and inclusion within the Roundtable. Delegate sub-committee tasks to achieve taskforce goals. Work closely with other committees including Programming, TA Affairs, Membership, Communications, and Board Development. Provide support and advice to staff on strategies for advancing the Roundtables goals on equity and inclusion.


Day of Learning


Board Cultivation/Development



Taskforce Members:

Create and develop programming. Challenge the roundtable to be an active voice and take a leadership role in the field. Members attend at least three committee meetings. Participate on one sub-committee and help to plan one event per year. Must attend at least one event per year.  Taskforce members commit to being a champion on issues of equity and inclusion in the arts education field.

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