Conference Steering Committee Members

Members of the Conference Steering Committee are committed to creating a strong professional learning experience for participants at the Face to Face conference.  They are charged with the following tasks: to attend all steering committee meetings, review assigned conference breakout proposals, serve on at least one conference subcommittee, attend the panels committee meeting and report on their assigned proposal(s), and contribute and support the conference’s development by recommending speakers, keynote topics, and participant engagement initiatives such as conference art projects.


Face to Face Conference Chairs

Co-Chairs: Amy Harris, Sobha Kavanakudiyil, Kati Koerner and David Shookhoff

Conference Chairs manage the conference from inception to completion, supporting and collaborating with the Conference Managers and the Roundtable’s Managing Director; overseeing the breakout proposal review process; training evaluators; conducting orientations for presenters; collaborating with venue and conference staff to produce the event; overseeing the procurement and services of vendors in conjunction with conference staff; and overseeing all conference subcommittees.

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