Meet Our Supporters

The NYC Arts in Education Roundtable gratefully acknowledges our generous donors and sponsors for their essential support and leadership. The continued success and the strength of our Roundtable community reflect their kind patronage.

Our work allows arts education for kids and communities to thrive, but we can’t do it without your help!

The NYC Arts in Education Roundtable is publicly supported by:

The NYC Arts in Education Roundtable’s programs are made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.

A special thanks to all of our Individual, Foundation, Corporate, and Government Supporters who help ensure we can continue to create inclusive professional development programming, innovative resources, and much-needed advocacy for arts education for many years to come.


New York State Council on the Arts

Department of Cultural Affairs

$50,000 - $99,999

Jody and John Arnhold | Arnhold Foundation

Altman Foundation

New York Community Trust

$15,000 – $49,999

Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation

Walt Disney Company

$10,000 – $14,999


Lawrence B. and Elyse Benenson Charitarian Foundation

$1,000 – $9,999

Arthur Miller Foundation

Ayodele Oti



Glenn Ralston Family Foundation

Leena Bhutta

Manhattan Borough President’s Office

Meredith Kirchheimer

Stephanie Griffin

Veronica Debruin

Wyatt Gorman

$500 – $999

AllianceBernstein, LP

Amy Harris

Eve Wolff

Gary Padmore

Helen Wheelock

Jill Braufman

Kati Koerner

Lisa Mitchell

Sobha Kavanakudiyil

Traci Lester

$1 – $499

Abby Schreer

Adrianne Balzevic

Aileen-Marie Barry

Alex Tyson

Alexander Chadwell

Alexander Santiago-Jirau

Alexandra Murtaugh

Alisha Couch

Alliance Bernstein

Mitchell Brown

Amanda Dargan Zeitlin

Andrea Dishy

Angela Arthurs

Anita Flores

Anthony John Stanton

Arts and Cultural Strategies, Inc.

Asha Kurian

Ashley Junghans-Rutelonis

Andrew Chapman

Andrew Griffin

Andrew Roitstein

Anne & Bruce Crum


Ashley Ortiz

Barbara Cohen-Stratyner

Barbara Odabashian

Barbie Gatton

Brian Murphy

Carissa Folgers

Caroline Patterson

Chad Young

Chansone Durden

Charlotte Colavin

Christian Lee

Christina Bixland

Christina Tokar

Colleen Megley

Courtney J. Boddie

Cynthia Kiang

Daira Szostak

David King

David Shookhoff

Deanna Benor

Debbie Schwartz

Debbie Smoller

Desiree Sanabria

Diane Ramo

Diego Funes

Donna Costello

Elise May

Emma Jehle

Eric Murphy

Erica Raven-Scorza

Erika Atkins

Erika Floreska

Erin Kotova

Faye Smoller-Longo

Frances Van Horn

Gary Rindner

Genta Nishku

Geofrey Hill

Gregory Pierson

Heidi Wilbur

Heleya De Barros

Ivana Mellers

Jane L. Polin

Jeff Vockrodt

Jeffrey Haley

Jennifer Clark

Jennifer DiBella

Jennifer Katona

Jennifer Schoppe

Jessica Lorenz

Jill Shah

Joanna Lewton

Joel Esher

John Mitchell

Jon S. Harris

Jordana Mendelson

Joseph Stamerra

Josh Cogswell

Joy Prentice

Juan Carlos Salinas

Judy Siders

Justin Daniel

Karen Jarmon

Karina Naumer

Katharine Strobel

Kathleen Christie

Kathleen Dorman

Kathy Smith

Katie Miller Beganics

Katie Rainey

Katie Wanner

Kelly Stuible-Clark

Kenneth Cerniglia

KeriAnne Murphy

Kerry Warren

Kevin Lustig

Kirsten Delegard

Kristen Pallonetti

Kristen Yi

Kristina Felix

Larry Jackson

Laura Preisman

Lauren Durden

Linda Smith

Leah Stanton Harvey

Leigh Poulos

Leona Zahlan

Leslie Fray

Luned Palmer

Madeline Cohen

Mafor Mambo Tse

Margaret Mitchell

Margaret Smoller

Mariah Borthwick

Mary Williams

Maureen Donohue

Meghan Griffiths

Melissa Cusack

Melissa Jacobson

Mia Caress

Michael Glenard

Michele Kotler

Michelle Lopez

Mi Ryung Song

Michael Wiggins

Molaundo Jones

Molly Logan Chase

Morgaine Silverwood

Nancy Gorman

Nathan Carver

New York Philharmonic

Newton Davis

Nora Thomson

Nyisha Howell

Patricia Murphy

Patti Matheny

Paul B. McGinley

Philip Alexander

Piper Anderson

Polly Kahn

Rachel Watts

Rebecca Podsednik

Rebecca Shulman

Regina Sav

Reka Koerner

Remy Shaber

Ron K. Alexander

Russell Granet

Sarah Jones

Scott Kerns

Sharon Dunn

Sonnet Takahisa

Spencer Hale

Stephen Ferrell

Stephen Lee

Stephen Yaffe

Steve Fickinger

Steven McIntosh

Stuart Holt

Taylor Valentine

Ted Wiprud

Thomas Bullard

Tine DiLucia

Tong Tong Xu

Toya Lillard

Tracy Molloy

Tracy Shedroff

Vicky Zhang

Victor Rosenbaum

Victoria Kennedy

Warren Bush

Yvonne Anderson

Donor list reflects donations received from December 2020 to present and is in process of being updated as of October 5, 2021. Every effort is made to keep it accurate and up-to-date. We apologize for any omissions or errors. Please report any corrections to Kimberly Olsen at