Our Mission

The New York City Arts in Education Roundtable is a service organization and a community of arts education practitioners sharing information, providing professional development, and communicating with the public to promote our work in schools and beyond.

Our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Check out our 2020-2025 Strategic Plan to learn about our data-driven vision for the Roundtable!


Our History

Established in 1992, the Roundtable serves major cultural institutions as well as smaller, community-based organizations. Our member-driven organization began as a grassroots effort to provide support and networking opportunities for the staff of arts education service providers, as well as to improve and advance the state of arts in education.

Over the years, the Roundtable has continued to expand its array of professional development opportunities and offerings. Since its inception, our major event is the annual Face to Face Conference, which currently attracts 500 participants and presenters for two days of speeches, panels, and breakout sessions. In addition to the conference, the Roundtable has provided several seminar series led by university professors, workshops and panels on topics ranging from back-office operations to classroom management and instructional practice, and large convenings featuring nationally renowned speakers. The Roundtable currently has over 500 individual and organizational members, representing all five boroughs of New York City.

In recent years, we have increasingly provided programs specially designed for teaching artists, including job fairs, sessions on hiring practices, and forums for sharing best practices. The many noteworthy speakers who have addressed us over the years include schools chancellor Ramon Cortines; DCA commissioner Kate Levin; education professors Lucy Calkins and Maxine Greene; television reporter and commentator John Merrow; education historian and advocate Diane Ravitch; school reformer Deborah Meier; and Gigi Antoni, director of Big Thought, Dallas.

Organizational milestones include incorporation as a non-profit organization in 1998 and hiring our first Managing Director in 2012, both developments intended to professionalize and improve the services we provide our members. Among our recent projects is the launch of this website, which will further strengthen our ability to bring timely news, information, and ideas to the arts in education field.

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Roundtable Founders — 25th Anniversary Video from NYC Arts in Education Roundtable on Vimeo.

Board of Directors and Staff View All >

Kimberly Olsen, Executive Director

Kinsey Keck, Programming and Membership Manager

Molaundo Jones, Communications & Resources Manager

Sobha Kavanakudiyil, Co-Chair

Gary Padmore, Co-Chair

Orchestra of St. Luke's

Traci Lester, Vice-Chair

Philip A. Alexander

Ronald K. Alexander

Asari Beale

Erika Atkins, Secretary

Leena Bhutta

Justin Daniel

Jennifer DiBella, Co-Chair

Roundabout Theatre Company

Kathleen Dorman

Stephanie Griffin

Amy Harris

Keith Kaminski

David King

Roundtable Committees

Members are encouraged to get involved in the activities of the Roundtable by joining one or more committees. Each committee is led by a Board member who serves as the committee Chair or Co-Chair. Contact the Managing Director for more information on how you can become an active part of the Roundtable.


The Advocacy Committee

Co-Chairs: David King, Rachel Watts, Jeff Vockrodt and Jennifer DiBella

The Advocacy Committee makes recommendations to the Board on the Roundtable advocacy policy and strategy. Current projects include identification and sharing of relevant advocacy tools with our membership and pursuing strategic partnerships between the Roundtable and other entities.


The Communication Committee

Co-Chairs: Christina Macchairola, Nelle Stokes and Erika Atkins

The Communication Committee makes recommendations on and develops content for the website and social media, as well as advises on electronic communications.


Conference Steering Committee Members

Members of the Conference Steering Committee are committed to creating a strong professional learning experience for participants at the Face to Face conference.  They are charged with the following tasks: to attend all steering committee meetings, review assigned conference breakout proposals, serve on at least one conference subcommittee, attend the panels committee meeting and report on their assigned proposal(s), and contribute and support the conference’s development by recommending speakers, keynote topics, and participant engagement initiatives such as conference art projects.


Face to Face Conference Chairs

Co-Chairs: Amy Harris, Sobha Kavanakudiyil, Kati Koerner and David Shookhoff

Conference Chairs manage the conference from inception to completion, supporting and collaborating with the Conference Managers and the Roundtable’s Managing Director; overseeing the breakout proposal review process; training evaluators; conducting orientations for presenters; collaborating with venue and conference staff to produce the event; overseeing the procurement and services of vendors in conjunction with conference staff; and overseeing all conference subcommittees.


The Development Committee

Co-Chairs: Kati Koerner and Eve Wolff and Jennifer DiBella

The Development Committee offers support to the Managing Director and AIER Board of Directors in all fundraising capacities. In particular, the Development Committee will work closely with the Managing Director to contribute to, oversee and assist in implementing a detailed, multi-year fundraising plan.


The Finance Committee

Co-Chairs: KeriAnne Murphy, Ted Wiprud and Jennifer DiBella

The Finance Committee monitors the Roundtable’s financial status, manages the budgeting process, and provides year-to-date and annual reports to the Board.

Membership & Nominating

The Membership Committee:

Chair: Ayodele Oti and Sohba Kavanakudiyil

The Membership Committee researches and sources potential benefits of membership to the NYCAIER for the the NYC arts education community. Investigates the current membership experience and demographics, then develops solutions and makes recommendations. Works with the Communications Committee to develop communication strategies for current and potential members. Plan, host and attend member events in collaboration with the Programs Committee.


The Programs Committee

Co-Chairs: Helen Wheelock, Katherine Strobel, and Jacqueline Raymond 

The Programs Committee responds to Membership needs and interests and is responsible for the design and implementation of the organization’s monthly events. Each committee members will chair (or co-chair) one event throughout the year. Additionally, committee members are expected to offer event and logistical support for one other programming event; this could include registration support, room set up, facilitating of group discussions, cleanup etc. Members are expected to attend three committee meetings (either in person or on the phone) and attend three programming events in person.


The Programs Committee responds to Membership needs and interests and is responsible for the design and implementation of the organization’s monthly events.

TA Affairs

Teaching Artist Affairs Committee Members:

Co-Chairs: Justin Daniels, AnJu Hyppolite, Katie Rainey and Erika Atkins

To facilitate and promote conversations around the field of teaching artistry.  Participate in at least one sub-committee project.  Attend 3 committee meetings or phone conferences each year.  Communicate with sub-committee point person and TA Affairs committee co-chairs about tasks.  Promote NYCAIER events within your communities.

Task Force on Equity and Inclusion

The Taskforce on Equity and Inclusion defines and advances the practice(s) of equity and inclusion including but not limited to race, gender, class, ability, and geography within the Roundtable and the arts education field through programs, training, and dialogue.


Co-Chairs: Piper Anderson, Gary Padmore and Chesray Dolpha

Provide leadership and advocacy on issues of equity and inclusion within the Roundtable. Delegate sub-committee tasks to achieve taskforce goals. Work closely with other committees including Programming, TA Affairs, Membership, Communications, and Board Development. Provide support and advice to staff on strategies for advancing the Roundtables goals on equity and inclusion.


Day of Learning


Board Cultivation/Development



Taskforce Members:

Create and develop programming. Challenge the roundtable to be an active voice and take a leadership role in the field. Members attend at least three committee meetings. Participate on one sub-committee and help to plan one event per year. Must attend at least one event per year.  Taskforce members commit to being a champion on issues of equity and inclusion in the arts education field.