COVID-19 Impact Survey: Help Us Advocate for Arts Education in NYC

Published on April 5, 2021

As the main convening body for NYC’s arts in education community, the NYC Arts in Education Roundtable is committed to serving our membership and field at-large through advocacy with government officials and policymakers. To help us support the field of arts education in NYC, we kindly request member and non-members organizations complete our COVID-19 Impact Survey. Your response will help us:

  • Advocate for funding for arts education in the New York City FY 2022 budget;

Live Testimony to Committee on Education (March 23, 2021)

Published on March 23, 2021

An abbreviated version of the following testimony was delivered by Kimberly Olsen, Executive Director


Thank you Chair Treyger and the Committee on Education for your leadership and commitment to arts education. My name is Kimberly Olsen, and I come to you as the Executive Director of the NYC Arts in Education Roundtable.

The Roundtable is a service organization who builds its efforts around the values that arts are essential and that arts education is a right for all NYC students.

My Dearest Arts Organization, Are You Listening?

Published on March 23, 2021


Dear Friends,

This week GuildNotes published My Dearest Arts Organization, Are You Listening? a letter created by teaching artists to reflect on some of the challenges that they’ve faced during the multiple pandemics which have stricken the world.  The letter has been called a “breakup letter” because while teaching artists love the work, they often feel caught in a toxic relationship.

In Solidarity with our AAPI Communities

Published on March 18, 2021


Dear Arts Education Community,

Violence is being done in New York City and around the country to our Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander neighbors, from children to adults to elders. We recognize that these acts stem from our systems of white supremacy, which is embedded in our country’s founding. The NYC Arts in Education Roundtable is compelled to speak out on behalf of all these innocent victims.  


by Meghan Grover
Published on March 16, 2021

How do I hold a systemic analysis and approach when each system I am critical of is peopled, in
part, by the same flawed and complex individuals that I love?
This question always leads me to
If I can see the ways I am perpetuating systemic oppressions, if I can see where I learned
the behavior and how hard it is to unlearn it,

Parent University: Update from the Office of Arts & Special Projects

Dear Arts Partners, 

We are excited to let you know about a new resource from the NYCDOE called Parent University! 

Launched in November 2020, Parent University is a learning management system that offers a centralized catalog of courses, live events, resources and activities to help the DOE and community connect with families and support students. The platform offers all New York City parents and family members access to live and on-demand courses and resources across multiple discipline areas and grade bands.

Live Testimony to Committee on Cultural Affairs, Libraries, & International Intergroup Relations (March 9, 2021)

Published on March 12, 2021

Delivered by Kimberly Olsen, Executive Director


Thank you Chair Van Bramer, Committee on Cultural Affairs, Libraries, and International Intergroup Relations, and Commissioner Casals and staff at DCLA for your leadership and commitment to arts education. My name is Kimberly Olsen. It’s a pleasure to hear from our colleagues in the public library system, as I began my career as a teaching artist teaching devised theater to middle schoolers at the Steinway branch of the Queens Public Library.

Shape the Future Leadership of the Roundtable (in under 10 minutes!)

Posted March 11, 2021

The NYC Arts in Education Roundtable invites your ideas for candidates to serve on the Roundtable Board of Directors. Board members take responsibility for the fiduciary health of the organization, the hiring of executive staff, determining the strategic direction of the organization, and maintaining a focus on the mission. We strive to see that our board of up to 28 represents the disciplines, geography, organization types, races,

Meet Melissa Parke of Black Teaching Artist Lab

By Melissa Parke
Published on February 26, 2021

My name is Melissa Parke (she/her), and as Black Teaching Artist Lab (BTAL) Founder and Program Director, my sincerest hope is that by using art— one of the most powerful tools we have for human expression— Pan-African artists will be able to share their individual stories of the lived Black experience with Black students everywhere.

I am a Brooklyn-based artist and first began developing BTAL in the beginning of 2019.

Arts Partnership Grants for the 2020-21 School Year

CONTACT: Audrey Cox,

The Office of Arts and Special Projects is pleased to announce recipients of Arts Partnership Grants: Arts for English Language Learners and Students with Disabilities and Arts and Family Engagement Grants for the 2020-2021 school year.

For further information, please reference School Allocation Memorandum (SAM) #36, Arts Funding Initiatives. Details can be found under Arts Partnership Grants and Arts+ Family Engagement Grants.