The Business and Culture of Teaching Artistry, Teaching Artist Project

What does a career in the Teaching Artist field look like? How are the expectations of artists and arts-in-education organizations changing? Where do we see these changes and expectations heading?

The 2019 Business and Culture of Teaching Artistry is a panel and culture building event, hosted by the Dedalus Foundation and the Teaching Artist Project Cohort (TAP Cohort). During this in-depth conversation between arts-in-education Administrators and Teaching Artists, we will discuss the landscape of Teaching Artistry as it is now, where we see it going in the future, and how both artists and administrators can come together to make the field better.

Topics of discussion include the nuts and bolts for navigating the current field of Teaching Artistry, ways to establish long-term working relationships with organizations, strategies for teaching in the current political climate, balancing your artistry-teaching life and preventing burn-out. Panelists will include lead Teaching Artists and Administrators across several organizations who are collaborating to make the field more transparent and equitable.


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