Request for Proposals


Wednesday, April 24 & Thursday, April 25, 2019

Request for Proposals

*Application Deadline EXTENDED: September 28, 2018*


FACE TO FACE is a professional development conference for arts administrators, teaching artists, and others interested in the field of arts in education. The conference strives to demonstrate effective teaching and learning strategies for practitioners in the field of arts in education, as well as to provide forums for discussion of other critical issues such as equity, diversity, and inclusion; advocacy; research findings; assessment; community engagement; and organizational management.

The Roundtable is accepting proposals for breakout sessions for Face to Face 2019. The Conference Committee is especially interested in proposals for sessions that actively engage participants in one or more of the six disciplines of visual art, dance, music, theatre, film/moving image, and writing; in addition to sessions topics related to early childhood learning, creative aging, working with ELL and immigrant populations, out of school time programming, and working in nontraditional settings.

While there is no limit to the number of proposals an organization can submit, a maximum of two (2) proposals per organization will be selected for the conference. There is also a limit of four presenters (one (1) lead presenter and up to three (3) co-presenters) per session.

Proposers do not need to be Roundtable members (Full Organization or Individual) to propose a session.


Registration Fee

Note: Registration is required for all session presenters and panelists. The moderator and up to three (3) presenters will be admitted to the conference for a reduced fee of $100. If the moderator or the presenters wish to only attend his/her own session, they must register for a fee of $45.


For Tips on Crafting Your Proposal please visit our How To video at 

Face to Face Session Proposal Contact Info:

Kyla Searle: NYC Arts in Education Roundtable Managing Director:



Successful proposals will:

    • Investigate a critical question.
    • Explore or reference a specific art form(s), as appropriate, and demonstrate a mastery of that art form(s).
    • Involve a variety of viewpoints and/or qualified presenters and include ample time for reflection.
    • Not serve as a “commercial” for an individual or organization (i.e. “dog and pony show”). Sessions that only describe an organization’s work and successes are rarely selected.

Each session submitted to the conference is evaluated by a panel of Face to Face evaluators. Session evaluation includes the following criteria:

  • Relates to the description in the conference program
  • Demonstrates a mastery of content
  • Communicates content clearly and effectively
  • Stimulates lively dialogue with the participants
  • Manages time and pacing effectively
  • Incorporates opportunities for reflection
  • Initiates thoughtful dialogue and discussion
  • Uses practical examples of relevant work


SESSION ENROLLMENT: The NYC AIE Roundtable cannot guarantee presenters a minimum or maximum number of participants in their session; however, the Roundtable will try to inform presenters of how many people to anticipate at their session prior to the conference.  

In order to be considered, proposals must be submitted by September 12, 2018, using the link below. 



Link to application:

This application consists of three parts:

PART I: Session Proposal Form

PART II: Presenter Information

PART III: Session Proposer Agreement

Be sure to complete all sections of this application and submit the form by the deadline of September 12, 2018.


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