2016 Excellence in Theatre Education Award – Applications Now Available

Did a theatre teacher change your life? Applications are now being accepted for the 2016 Tony Award for Excellence in Theatre Education

Announcing the 2016 Tony Award for Excellence in Theatre Education Award.

Presented by The Tony Awards® and Carnegie Mellon University, this award honors arts educators who make a difference in students’ lives.

We are emailing you because you began or completed an application for the Award in 2015. We invite you to once again submit a candidate for this year’s award. If you choose to resubmit the same candidate as in 2015 and he or she is still eligible, you can continue to use elements from your last year’s application.

This year we are asking you to focus on the story of your teacher and the program(s), classes, and educational value that he or she has created within your community. To help share your teacher’s story, we are asking that you submit a video that showcases the teacher’s work, tells a powerful story, and demonstrates the impact of the teacher on students.

In addition, we require a short essay (250 words or less) describing the program at the school or theatre company under which the teacher operates, as well as information on the school’s demographics (see the application form for details on how to supply this info).

As last year, we will require three letters of recommendation. New in 2016: You may choose to collect and submit the letters yourself; or, if you prefer, the system can send an email to your choice of recommenders.

Please note that we no longer accept self-submissions. If you self-submitted last year, we will not reconsider your application. Other members of your community, including colleagues, students, and former students, are more than welcome to submit an application on your behalf.

The application form contains a lot of information, so please read it carefully and double check everything before you submit. For more information, please visit the FAQ page on our website (www.TonyAwards.com/educationaward) and the application portal.

The deadline for all completed application materials is February 29, 2016, including the three letters of recommendation. We recommend that you get started as soon as possible!

To get started, visit www.TonyAwards.com/educationaward


Reprinted from Tony Awards announcement.


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