Lower Manhattan Cultural Council 2016 Grants Update

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Creative Curricula program provides grants for small organizations and teaching artists working with students throughout Manhattan. A series of application workshops are offered this summer.

Grants are available to Manhattan-based artists and non-profit organizations working in a range of artistic disciplines to aid them in sharing diverse experiences with audiences: on stages, in exhibition halls, classrooms, recreation rooms, public spaces, and unexpected locations. Two programs are offered: Creative Curricula and Creative Engagement.

Due to important changes to LMCC’s Manhattan Arts Grant programs this year, applicants are strongly encouraged to attend an information session this summer. Information sessions offer an overview of the specific grant programs and useful information to help applicants put their best foot forward.

A calendar of information sessions for both programs may be found here.

RSVP for the one that you wish to attend.

This year, artists and non-profit organizations are invited to apply for New York City and New York State funding through a single application process, under the program  Creative Engagement – which replaces two programs: Manhattan Community Arts Fund (MCAF) and The Fund for Creative Communities (The Fund). If you were previously eligible for MCAF and/or The Fund you are encouraged to apply to Creative Engagement. The maximum grant amount for a single application will be $8,000 for a project that will take place between January 1–December 31, 2016.

Creative Engagement provides support to individual artists and organizations to engage and enrich the public through the arts. Often a launching pad for emerging artists and organizations, these grants respond directly to the need for financial support of artists living and working in Manhattan and to the richness and diversity of arts programming they offer across the borough.

LMCC continues to support teaching artists and arts organizations working in partnership with Manhattan public schools through the Creative Curricula grant program.

LMCC-supported projects forge connections between artists and their communities through presentation, arts education, and hands-on participation. Methods of public engagement range from the creation and presentation of professional productions to student, senior and other amateur participatory arts programs and arts education projects. We are proud of our grantees, whose events reach over 300,000 audience members throughout Manhattan, including over 40,000 seniors, and over 45,000 youth.

The deadline for Creative Engagement is September 15.

The deadline for Creative Curricula is October 14. 

Please note that these are NYSCA/DCA regrants for smaller organizations and individuals. If your organization is already receiving funds from NYSCA and/or DCA, you may not be eligible. Please check eligibility requirements.


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