New York State Council on the Arts Grant Applicant Feedback Survey

NYSCA invites applicants to provide feedback on their experience of working with the new Grants Gateway system.

By Jenny Clarke

NYSCA applicants have until July 3 to share their experiences and opinions on this year’s application process. The NYSCA FY2016 Applicant Feedback Survey is available here.

Over the past few years the NYSCA application process has undergone many changes as the agency works to comply with new statewide regulations, policies and online systems. Specifically, the Grants Gateway system was developed as a central portal for storing required documents, completing applications, and executing contracts.

Transitioning to this system has created significant problems for the field, as administrators grapple with a complicated system that is unlike any other in the current arts funding environment.

Now grant applicants have an opportunity to share their experience of the process in a specific way, noting particular problem areas and suggesting online application system that are easier to navigate.

Perhaps this is the first step is some modifications to the system that will result in an easier and less time-consuming process.


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