City Funds for After School Programs – CASA

NYC announces $7.1m funds for after school arts programs in all five boroughs. CASA designations will be made by September 17, 2014.

By Jenny Clarke

The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs has announced that $7.1M has been allocated to the Cultural After-School Adventures Program (CASA), an initiative that supports cultural activities that occur after-school at public schools in all five boroughs. In order to be eligible for these funds, organizations must have submitted an FY15 Cultural Development Fund (CDF) application or renewal form, or be a members of the Cultural Institutions Group (CIG).

CASA partnerships provide after-school programs that enhance students’ core curriculum with cultural experiences. The dimension and substance of each CASA program may be as diverse in approach as the cultural organizations that provide them, however all CASA programs share a common commitment to promoting intellectual and creative exploration as well as developing the skills of the participants.

For Fiscal 2015, each City Council member may designate seven partnerships between schools and eligible cultural organizations.  Up to three of each Council member’s designations may be to one cultural group, but each program must have a different school partner. Note that the school’s participation in this program is critically important. The cultural organization and the school become partners in serving the needs of the students participating in the program.

Once designations are made and ratified by City Council, designees will be required to submit a CASA proposal to DCA and comply with all reporting requirements.  Organizations will be notified of these requirements via email when award notifications are made.

CASA designations will be determined between now and September 17. If you are interested in being considered for an FY15 CASA designation, please Contact the Council member/s for the district/s in which your organization is located or where it provides programs, and express your interest in participating in CASA. If you are currently working with a school that may wish to be designated, the school should contact the Council member to express interest in being considered for the CASA program as well, and note their existing partnership with your organization.

While the FY15 CASA designations are the responsibility of the Council members, DCA staff will be able to help with any questions:

For CIG, contact either Leonard Jacobs ( or James Fisher (

For Program Services Unit/CDF Groups, contact your Program Specialist, or David Andersson (


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